From Surviving to Thriving 7-Day Challenge

Because you deserve to live a life you love! This seven-day challenge will take you from merely surviving your life to truly THRIVING! Are you ready to get started?

The Fastest Way for You to Start Living The Life You've Dreamed Of!

Many people are stuck living dull, unsatisfying lives... and maybe you feel the same way. It's hard to figure out who you are, what you're good at, and how to live a life that matters. But you were made for so much more! Your dreams don't have to just be dreams!


What You'll Discover in this 7-Day Challenge:


What Purpose Really Is

Discover what purpose actually means and how it affects our daily lives.


What Your Story Is

Own your story and decide where you want it to go from here.


What Role Community Plays

Discover how to use your support system (or create one) to help you as you seek to live a fulfilling, thriving life.


What You're Good At

Learn about the gifts and talents you already possess so you can figure out what to do with your life.


What Meaningful Work Looks Like

Learn how to use your gifts and skills in a work environment and find work that fulfills you.


What Living By Purpose Means

Discover what it looks like to live purposefully in every area of your life and spend your time doing things that are meaningful to you.


What Your Next Steps Are

Learn how to use everything you discover about yourself to create a plan to move forward and truly THRIVE.

What Others Are Saying:

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jessie since freshman year of college. Since she finished college early, she has always been one step ahead of me while she figures out what to do with the next season of life. I watched on the sidelines as she moved back to her home town. As she figured out where to live, what to do for a job, and how to build a community. I’ve seen her both struggle and find true meaning in what she does. She has never been content with staying in the mundane, however safe it may feel. She pushes herself to find what makes her happy regardless of what her friends, family, or society may think. I admire her own journey towards finding her niche in this world and using her God-given talents in a way that can truly impact others. I love that she doesn’t just give advice but she truly lives it out herself. She has been there, struggled through it, and has found her way.
— Kelsey
Uncertain? Frustrated? Scared? Stuck? You’re not alone! Jessie helps her readers take an honest look at where they are in life and challenges them to start thinking about where they want to be. In Ready, Set...Now What? she navigates through topics such as passions, purposes, and values, just to name a few— for a practical and fun process of gaining clarity in your personal life journey. [review from my book, Ready, Set...Now What? Discovering Your Identity, Gifts, and Purpose in the Real World
— Laura
This book hits home to the searching heart, longing for purpose in a world of shallow answers. It gives quick, insightful truths and advice to guide readers deeper on the journey towards real meaning, beyond a job title or perfect position. With encouraging words and real-life situations, this book is a perfect fit for recent graduates or anyone feeling lost in the sea of “what comes next?
— Sarah

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