Strategizing Power Hour

Strategizing Power Hour


In this concentrated hour with me, you will:

1. overcome mindset struggles

-thinking you “can’t” do this, aren’t “good enough” or “skilled enough” to move forward or try the next thing or do it the way you want to do it instead of listening to everybody else

2. identify the places where you’re stuck

-the areas where you’re not seeing progress, the places where you’re stumbling

-the things you’re doing because you think you’re supposed to, not because you want to or feel they’re best for you or your business

3. simplify your approach so you can focus on what’s most important

-cutting out the excess

-paring down your priorities

-giving your best “yes” to the best things for this season

4. create an actionable plan to move forward

-precise next steps

-things you can do RIGHT NOW

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