It’s time to stop trying to figure it all out on your own!

Running a business is challenging and beautiful at the same time.

everyone’s telling you conflicting things, and it’s hard to know who to trust or what to try.

it’s difficult to fit in all the tasks without losing sleep, sanity, or time with loved ones.

it’s easy to feel lonely when you don’t have people in your corner.

trying to run a business with God at the center is an entirely different beast of a challenge that has its own questions.


What’s a girl to do?

Join with others in similar positions!

The answer to our loneliness, struggles, and questions is community. But not just any community. It’s easy to join groups where engagement is low, commitment is nonexistent, and support is hit-or-miss at best.

The real answer is a committed community, a mastermind, in which group members are committed to growing together, learning from each other, and holding each other accountable— all while getting the resources, guides, feedback, and tutorials necessary to learn the skills they need to grow their businesses!


What if you could join a group like that?

Imagine your business looked like this instead:

  • you know where to go with your questions, because you have a safe space AND a group of committed women to help you find the answers!

  • you’re clear on your vision and direction, understanding what sets you apart and how to make the most of your gifts

  • you know who you are, what you do, and who you serve, so you can write clear copy that attracts the right people to you

  • you have all the skills necessary to get visible and engage, so you’re converting followers and viewers into paying customers

  • you're confident in what you’re offering, because you’ve gained the skills and knowledge and gotten feedback from others each step of the way

By joining this mastermind, you will get...

-troubleshooting for your biggest struggles

-accountability, teaching, cheerleading

-feedback, support, and love from the other committed group members on a consistent basis

-new perspectives

-opportunities to learn from others who “get it”

-insights from others in different fields, opportunities to learn from their trial & error experiences

-pursuit of more impact, not just more income

-Q&A live videos 2x month

-resources & trainings on all things business growth

-a powerful, prayerful community that chooses cooperation over competition

-a safe place for vulnerability, authenticity, struggles, & questions

-opportunities to share your knowledge, expertise, & story (building your confidence, networking, helping you hone your focus)

-assistance identifying your zone of genius, what sets you apart, your best yes, & unique path to greater impact

-commitment for the long haul, not just a get-rich-quick-scheme for a few weeks or months

-prayer for your business

-my 10 Step Business Blueprint ($20 normally)

-my 90-day planner ($20 normally)

-a discount for Strategizing Power Hours with ME (30% off!)!!



You’ll gain the momentum you’ve been lacking.

You’ll have more eyes on your business so you gain the perspective you’ve been missing.

You’ll get answers for your biggest struggles so you can overcome your biggest struggles and obstacles and finally move forward.

You’ll have the support, accountability, community, and resources you need to not feel alone or lost.

You get to learn from a whole group of others who are experts in their own specific fields instead of just one coach.


how does that sound? life-changing? it will be!

Stop wishing you could get the kind of growth you want, and take action to make it happen!

Stop wasting your time trying to do it by yourself or in free Facebook groups that don’t offer the kind of commitment and support you need!

Start working with other Christian business owners, gaining insight and clarity, getting answers to your questions, and getting traction in your business!

Are you ready to gain that support today?

You can apply to join the group today!

Okay, so you’re probably wondering how much this costs with all the amazing value packed inside, right?

Don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you $700 a month or even $100 a month. I know of programs that charge membership fees in those dollar ranges, but I also know a lot of women aren’t in a place where they can afford that, and I wanted to create a place for them! Because I’m here to serve and deliver high value at a low cost, the membership is just $50 a month!

Yes, that’s right! I simply want an entry-level investment from you so that you can put your money where your mouth is and be serious about growing your business. You get out what you put in!

This isn’t just another Facebook group with low engagement and no real interaction. This is a powerful, committed community of Christian female business owners coming together to share experiences, gain knowledge, ask and answer questions, and truly grow their businesses together!


About Me

I'm Jessie, and I'm a Simplicity Strategist, empowering and encouraging female dreamers to create lives, homes, and businesses they LOVE by designing them with joy, simplicity, and intention so they can have the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY they crave! I believe we were all created for a purpose, and that purpose should fuel our actions and decisions in our personal lives and in our work!

I’m all about doing more of what you love, investing in what matters most to you, serving others with your gifts and skills, leveraging systems and routines to simplify your work, home, and life, and creating a business that supports your life, not the other way around!

I coach women through mindset blocks, goal setting, decluttering, organizing, time management, social media strategy, crafting true-to-them copy, branding, ideal client work, and using their unique blend of skills and personality to serve others!

You can read more about me here

What others are saying about me and my work

If you have the chance to work with Jessie, you should take it! I came to Jessie because I was having mental blocks about how to proceed forward in my business. Jessie was attentive during my coaching calls, she helped me uncover what was preventing me from moving forward, and she so sweetly continued to follow up with me to ensure I was making progress. I’ve absolutely loved every minute working with Jessie.
— Amber
[Jessie] has never been content with staying in the mundane, however safe it may feel. She pushes herself to find what makes her happy regardless of what her friends, family, or society may think. I admire her own journey towards finding her niche in this world and using her God-given talents in a way that can truly impact others. I love that she doesn’t just give advice but she truly lives it out herself. She has been there, struggled through it, and has found her way.
— Kelsey
Uncertain? Frustrated? Scared? Stuck? You’re not alone! Jessie helps her readers take an honest look at where they are in life and challenges them to start thinking about where they want to be. In Ready, Set...Now What? she navigates through topics such as passions, purposes, and values, just to name a few— for a practical and fun process of gaining clarity in your personal life journey. [review from my book, Ready, Set...Now What? Discovering Your Identity, Gifts, and Purpose in the Real World]
— Laura

you can apply to join the group now!

Join with others who believe we can be better together.


you can apply now to join a group of strong, wonderful women committed to growing god-centered businesses!

This group is going to be the thing you need to kickstart your business, gain clarity, and finally get the momentum you need to get your business to the next level!



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is this group for?

This mastermind group is for female dreamers (creatives, writers, coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, photographers, and others) looking to grow their businesses online with the help of others who are in the same boat!

It’s for women who are looking for more eyes on their business, clarity and focus on their vision and offering, an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and successes, get valuable feedback on their business, learn new skills, grow their reach, and share their own knowledge and expertise.

How long is the mastermind commitment?

The mastermind will run for one calendar year to give us all a chance to truly get to know each other, build trust, learn about all aspects of growing online businesses, and stick together as we all grow our businesses.

Why is there a monthly membership fee?

To ensure that all members are fully committed and invested in growing their businesses, and to cover the cost of my time along with all the resources and tutorials provided along the way, there is a low monthly membership fee of $50. I believe in lowering the barrier to entry for women who aren’t yet in a place where they can invest thousands of dollars in a year-long mastermind program, which is why the fee is so minimal! However, I value consistent commitment and investment in the group and in your business, which requires putting a financial investment in along with your time to ensure your full commitment.


apply to join the group today!

You can stop trying to figure it all out yourself and wondering why your attempts aren’t producing the results you’re looking for.

You can finally find your people.

You can get all the support, encouragement, and guidance you need to grow your business!