Live a life of freedom and flexibility by creating a life, home, and business you love with joy, simplicity, and intention!


Hi, I'm Jessie!

I'm a coach and writer, and it's my mission to help you create a life and business you absolutely love by designing it with more joy, simplicity, and intentionality!


My dream for you is this:

  • that you would know your God-given worth and your gifts, and live and work every day with a sense of your unique purpose in this world
  • that you would be free from debt so you can invest in what matters most to you, like your dreams and family
  • that you would have a home that you love, where things are organized enough to let you spend your time doing more than just managing the chaos and clutter
  • that you would have a life you love, filled with time spent doing your favorite things with your favorite people because you have the power to choose how you live your life
  • that you would have a business you love, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to let your work support your life, not the other way around


A life like that is completely possible and attainable, my friend. You were made for so much more! 

Your dream life doesn't have to be just a dream!

You don't have to settle for less!

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I Stand For...

  • joyful, simple, intentional approaches to home, work, and life
  • simpler, more organized, and beautiful homes that make maintenance and hospitality easy, freeing up energy to focus on more important things
  • women who fight for what matters most to them and passionately pursue what they love
  • women who live and move intentionally in their everyday lives, homes, relationships, and businesses
  • women supporting other women and coming together to encourage, inspire, support, and collaborate to do great things!

you can have a life, home, and business that you love!

and I'm here to help you get there.

My life change


I grew up holding onto everything. I was both a packrat and a control freak. I thought I had to have everything all planned out and pulled together, providing for myself by myself. I found my worth in my perfectionism and my possessions. It was stressful, and I was full of anxiety about the future.

I graduated from college without a job, a home to call my own, a solid community, or any ideas about what to do with my life. I was overwhelmed with all the stuff I had accumulated and the lack of purpose and direction for my life.

I loved planning parties and organizing, but I kept feeling like I had to wait until I had the perfect home before really inviting people in or loving my home or my stage of life. I was constantly in a state of waiting-- waiting to love my home and waiting to love my life.

It wasn't until I started reading some great books on simplicity and having  conversations with a wonderful friend that things started to change. I slowly came to understand what purpose means, what my purpose is, and how purpose can play out in my everyday life, while helping me make intentional decisions to beat the overwhelm by focusing on the right things.

I didn't quit my job. I didn't move to a new house or a new city. I didn't make radical changes in any obvious ways. But my heart changed.

And from that heart change, I found greater confidence to be myself and pursue the things that God had been growing in my heart for ages, prompting me to write a book, start my own business, and design my life to be centered around the things that matter most to me. 

Choosing to live more joyfully, simply, and intentionally has opened so many doors to me-- in my relationships, my business, my health, my home, and more. It has truly transformed my outlook and my daily life!

And I want that for you, friend!

pursue joy. seek simplicity. move intentionally.

it's the secret to creating a life and business you love.

Your life change

No matter who you are or where you're at right now (or where you've come from, for that matter), you were created for a purpose! You are not an accident or a mistake! You are not just a placeholder or a butt in a seat. And you don't have to wait for someone else to give you the green light to start living your life.

I know you're busy with all the demands of everyday life and work-- paying bills, running to the grocery store for the eggs you forgot yesterday, cleaning up the spilled spaghetti sauce, and still trying to make it to that 6:00 yoga class. I know you have a lot on your plate, so much so that it's overwhelming at times and you feel like you don't have enough hours in the day to do it all.

I know you've thought about starting your own online business, but you've gotten scared and overwhelmed with not knowing where to begin or how to do it all, feeling like you're all alone and like it's just too big of a risk. You want to do something bigger with your life because you'll never be satisfied to stand on the sideline or be content with the status quo, but you don't know how to get there.

I know you feel like you never have enough-- enough money, enough time, enough energy, enough experience, enough confidence. But I also know that you're longing for something deeper, something more significant. You want more. More meaning, more joy, more time, more peace-- and with those, less stress, less overwhelm, less uncertainty.

You can do it! You can create a life you love and a home and business that support it!

I'm here to help you break through the busyness and cut through the chaos of everyday life and business start-ups and figure out how to love your life, your home, and your business! I know you can create the life of your dreams, and I'm here to help you do it!

It's my mission to help you find and follow your purpose, live healthier, get rid of debt, simplify your home, life, and business, and become more organized, so you can overcome your obstacles and focus on living the kind of life you've always dreamed of living and do something bigger with your life!

I'm here to help you get clear on your focus, overcome mindset struggles, manage your time and your stress, develop better habits and routines, establish an actionable step-by-step plan to reach your specific goals for your life and business, design a simpler strategy for starting and growing your business, and create authentic, true-to-you messaging and copy that communicates your heart in a way that isn't cheesy, sleazy, or complicated.

By tackling those big hurdles, you'll be free to focus on the things that matter most to you-- your family, your friends, your work, your hobbies, your dreams and aspirations.

You were given your dreams for a reason, and you can make them a reality!

Picture yourself living your dream every single day.

You can have that kind of life, friend!

take the first step toward a life centered around what matters most to you.

What others are saying

If you have the chance to work with Jessie, you should take it! I came to Jessie because I was having mental blocks about how to proceed forward in my business. Jessie was attentive during my coaching calls, she helped me uncover what was preventing me from moving forward and she so sweetly continued to follow up with me to ensure I was making progress. I’ve absolutely loved every minute working with Jessie.
— Amber
Uncertain? Frustrated? Scared? Stuck? You’re not alone! Jessie helps her readers take an honest look at where they are in life and challenges them to start thinking about where they want to be. In Ready, Set...Now What? she navigates through topics such as passions, purposes, and values, just to name a few— for a practical and fun process of gaining clarity in your personal life journey. [from my book, Ready, Set...Now What? Discovering Your Identity, Gifts, and Purpose in the Real World]
— Laura
I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jessie since freshman year of college. Since she finished college early, she has always been one step ahead of me while she figures out what to do with the next season of life. I watched on the sidelines as she moved back to her home town. As she figured out where to live, what to do for a job, and how to build a community. I’ve seen her both struggle and find true meaning in what she does. She has never been content with staying in the mundane, however safe it may feel. She pushes herself to find what makes her happy regardless of what her friends, family, or society may think. I admire her own journey towards finding her niche in this world and using her God-given talents in a way that can truly impact others. I love that she doesn’t just give advice but she truly lives it out herself. She has been there, struggled through it, and has found her way.
— Kelsey
This book has changed the way I define my purpose and my worth. Supporting Scripture helps me see whose opinion truly matters in this world. [from my book, Ready, Set...Now What? Discovering Your Identity, Gifts, and Purpose in the Real World]
— Jackie
Jessie is caring and authentic. She approaches everything in life with grace and wisdom. I found her information very helpful!
— Crystal

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Thanks for stopping by, friend! I hope you'll consider starting your journey toward living a more joyful, simple, and intentional life!

And I hope that we'll become friends if we're not already!