Hooray! Now you can create amazing, confident, compelling Facebook Live videos!

Clumsy to Confident Facebook Live Tutorial

tips & tricks

  • write bullet points

  • make yourself as comfortable as possible (clothes, makeup, chair)

  • look at the camera

  • good lighting (unlike recorded video, you can’t edit it!)

  • select a filter if it helps

  • catchy title & description

  • be consistent (at least once a week)

  • practice!

  • don’t forget to smile!

  • talk like you were having coffee with a friend

  • be yourself (use gestures, use language you normally use)

  • be okay with it not being perfect (um, uh, repetition, forgetting what you were saying, rough transitions)

  • greet people as they say “hi” when they join

  • read all the questions you can (as long as they’re ones you can address, or say you’ll look into it & reply later with a comment)

  • introduce your topic at the beginning

  • summarize your main points at the end



  • go live on your phone (not your computer)

  • start live video

  • invite guest speaker to join the live video

  • welcome your guest, ask them to talk a little about who they are & what they do

  • look at the camera, not guest on your screen, for best effect

  • have some questions planned, add others as they come up

  • make sure you monitor comments

  • ask them for any final pointers/action steps

  • ask them “where people can find them” so people can connect

  • thank them for their time

With this free Facebook Live video tutorial, you will be able to go live with more confidence and consistency, allowing you to uplevel your business by reaching more people and transforming them into paying clients!

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