Top Tips for Frugal Living


Top Tips for Frugal Living

It’s all too easy for us to spend more money than we make, or at least spend more than we intended.

But if we want to achieve our financial goals like paying off debt, saving for a family vacation, or building up a college fund for kids, then we need to learn to live within our means— without sacrificing our sanity and joy.

So many of us think that living with a more frugal mindset means that life isn’t fun, but that doesn’t have to be true!

Here are some ways that you and I can live more frugally without sacrificing our joy and fun.


There are so many fun things we can do that don’t cost anything!

Here are just some ideas to get us started:

  • go for a walk

  • go for a bike ride

  • go to the local beach/lake/park

  • read a book you already have

  • make dinner with a friend

  • watch a movie you already have

  • go to a local museum on a free day

  • go to a local zoo on a free day

  • find a local movie in the park night

  • watch funny YouTube videos

  • paint your nails

  • exchange things with a friend: clothes, books, movies, recipes


The library is such an under-used resource!

I love using my local library to borrow ebooks and audiobooks to keep me going and keep me from wrecking my budget by buying books all the time.

Did you know libraries have other services, too? Many of them have services like career help, tutoring, community classes, kids story time, resume help, and more. And most of them have WiFi and/or computers if you have work to be done.

Many of them have movies you can check out, too— how awesome is that!

And if you’re like me and rarely (if ever) actually make it to your local library in person, check out their ebook and audiobook options!


Another way I love to live more frugally is to do things myself. Of course, the kinds of things you can do depends on your skills, but you can also learn just about anything by Googling it or watching a YouTube video!

Ideas for things you can do yourself (or with a friend) include:

  • painting wall art

  • crocheting a blanket

  • cooking dinner

  • designing paper goods (like invites)

  • changing the oil in your car

  • painting your nails

  • sewing a pillow

  • making a scrapbook

  • making snacks like trail mix, popcorn, roasted chickpeas, or fat bombs

  • making beauty products like bath bombs and sugar scrubs

What can you DIY to save money and stretch your creative muscles?


To save time and money on your food, learn to master meal prep!

You’ll save time and money at the grocery store and time in the kitchen so you have more to spend with your people!


One of the reasons living more frugally is often seen as such a drag is because people associate it with only buying the necessities and foregoing all other expenses.

On the surface, that makes sense if you’re working toward a big financial goal.

But it’s also not a soul-sustaining way to live in the long term.

One of my favorite ways to live frugally is actually to splurge and spend. But the key is to do it on purpose.

If you plan what you’re going to spend money on and when, you can allocate the necessary money for it and spend it without guilt.

So the next time you want to go to a nicer dinner, have a date night out, buy new running shoes, get a new kitchen appliance, or go on a trip, do it! Just do it wisely— planning for it in advance and treating it like a fun experience instead of just another regular expense.


One of the other ways I love to live frugally is to put things I do really want but can’t justify buying myself in the moment is to add them to a wishlist for my birthday or Christmas so I can receive them from someone else!

I’m known for having long lists of books I want, essential oil sets, running shoes, or home decor on my wishlist until the next gift-giving holiday.

It’s not taking advantage or being selfish; it’s simply acknowledging that there are gift-giving opportunities and people who will be looking for ideas for gifts to give you. Why not give them ideas for things you’d really like but aren’t getting yourself just yet?

What other ideas do you have for living more frugally? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png