This Year

I've started thinking about what I want this next year of my life to look like. And while the idea isn't quite fully formed yet, I do have some thoughts on the subject. I want to be more like Christ. I want to be generous. I want to be less self-centered. I want to be more understanding and gracious.

I want to get better at meal planning, saving myself time during the week and freeing up more time to spend with friends and family. Using time wisely for the win. 'Cause I'm learning it never slows down, and I'm not capable of creating any more of it. I need to be diligent in making the most of what I'm given and prioritize it well.

I want to remember that people matter more than everything else. Despite my best intentions so far, I often let my to-do list come before relationships. But I know that when I look back, I will be far happier if I spend my time pouring into the lives of my nearest and dearest than if I pour all my energy into my work or building up a life for myself.

I want to relax. I've written before about how I tend to be too serious, wound too tight. I expect too much of myself and sort of set myself up for failure. I need to create space in my life for fun and make time to just relax with no agenda.

I want to get better at loving others and myself. "Love is patient. Love is kind. It keeps no record of wrongs." That's not always my first reaction, at least in terms of my knee-jerk responses. Truly loving starts from the inside out, and I want to put more intentional effort into that.

I want to figure out this whole intuitive eating thing. My interpretation has been a little too much on the lenient, eat-all-the-food kind of approach. Not exactly a great plan. I'm aiming for figuring out what truly makes me feel my best, incorporating the joy of cooking and eating foods I love and making sure I focus mostly on things that allow me to function at my best.

I want to be engaged at work and at home. I want to feel like I'm really present, really contributing. I catch glimpses of that feeling every so often, and I want to pursue it more.

I want to serve, whether it's in soup kitchens, my neighborhood, meal packing stations, a school, or somewhere else an opportunity comes up. I want to be more generous with my time and money, recognizing that there are better uses for them than things that only benefit me.

I want to spend time with my family, build my community, and still have enough time to myself to not go crazy. I want deep relationships that stand the test of time, and I know that requires putting a great deal of effort into building and maintaining them in the regular rhythms of life.

I want to run new routes and push myself to new limits. I want to constantly challenge myself to reach new goals.

I want to learn and grow and not be complacent. It's all too easy to get stuck in a rut and live life only out of habit, without any passion or joy.

I want to live like love.