This Lovely Life


Isn't life lovely? No? I think so. When I really stop to think about it, that is.

When I'm just going through the motions, running at top speed, it's easy for me to lose perspective and begin to think it's not so lovely after all. Other adjectives fight for dominance. Hard. Boring. Exhausting. Complicated. Uncertain. Busy. Stressful.

At times, life certainly is those things. It does get hard. It is stressful. Challenging things happen to us, those close to us, and the world around us. But that doesn't negate its beauty.

All the more negative qualities that apply don't take away the fact that it's lovely, too. Underneath the layer of dirt, life is actually quite beautiful. It simply gets covered up with other things that make it look less appealing. Its value gets buried.

When I take the time to be grateful for what I have and see the lovely things in life, I realize it really is beautiful. I just take them for granted most of the time.

I so often don't appreciate my health, my freedom, and the fact that I have shelter, food, and reliable transportation. I tend to focus on the things that aren't going the way I want rather than the things that are going well. Those things fly under the radar because it's more often the things that are causing me trouble that catch my attention.

But my inability to see my blessings doesn't mean they aren't there. I have been given so much, and I do myself a disservice by ignoring them and focusing on negative things instead.

What if we were to take the time to unearth and rediscover the beauty, the loveliness, of life again? What if we were to approach it like a child, filled with awe and wonder at even the simplest of things? What if we stepped back just enough to see things with fresh eyes? What would we see?

I think we'd see the beauty of the flowers and the weeds alike, in the way they can grow in some of the least likely places and blossom and bloom without our help. I think we'd be amazed by all the colors painted in the sky when the sun sets and the fact that each one looks different somehow.

I think we'd pause to listen to the lyrics of the song on the radio that we like and feel known and understood by someone we've never met who could put into words things we feel but can't express. I think we'd be filled with joy and awe in a capacity we've never known just by looking into the eyes of a child and seeing all the wonder, curiosity, and happiness they are consumed by.

I think we'd see that underneath the dirt of the busyness and stress of ordinary life lies a truly lovely life just waiting to be seen, if only we would slow down enough and brush away the dirt to see it.

What things in life do you find lovely? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!