The Top Budget-Friendly Organizing Tools for Your Home


The Top Budget-Friendly Organizing Tools for Your Home

I’m all about decluttering, but at some point, you have to also know how to organize your stuff so what you do have doesn’t take over your home and your life.

If your things aren’t organized well, it’s easy to spend all your time looking for lost items or trying to contain the chaos.

And who has time for that? Nobody!

The biggest problem with trying to organize everything in your home (aside from not decluttering first to get rid of the extra stuff) is the cost of buying all the organizational tools.






It can add up quickly.

So I’m going to share some of my favorite budget-friendly options with you so you can organize your home AND stick to your budget!

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Hanging closet storage

I love these for sweaters, tanks, and other items that are either too bulky to hang or too delicate to hang without getting hanger imprints.

I’ve had this organizer for years, so I’m not positive where I got it from, but you can get a similar one on Amazon.


Foldable bins

These are the best for the shelves in your closet, and you could get them in a variety of sizes based on the amount of space you have and what you have to store.

I like storing sweatshirts, bags, winter running gear, hats, or other miscellaneous items in these kinds of bins. I recommend them for things you’re not reaching for on a daily basis since they’re not within normal arm’s reach or in your line of sight, but they’re still quite convenient and very practical.

These bins were from Aldi (a secret source for budget-friendly household goods, though they change frequently with the seasons and local availability), but you can get similar ones from Amazon.

Shoe organizers

You have some options when it comes to how you want to store your shoes.

You could go with shoeboxes on a shelf. My personal preference for this route is using clear storage bins that are the size and shape of shoeboxes but sturdier and clear so you can see what pair of shoes is in them.

You could opt for the hanging shoe storage kind of option, which is helpful if you’re short on floor space. These come in narrow organizers that hang from the rod in your closet or wider options that can hang on the back of your bedroom door.

Or you could do what I do and use a shoe organizer that goes on the floor. I personally prefer this kind of presentation, and I had open floor space in my closet, so I chose to leverage that. But it’s up to you to choose what works best for your lifestyle and your space!

Here’s a similar one to this one that’s in my closet.


Daily outfit labels

I made these for myself because I find it incredibly helpful to pick my clothes out for a week at a time and save time in the morning when my brain is too sleepy to make decisions about what to wear. They were fast to make, used supplies I had around the house, and are truly helpful to have!

You can watch the video I made and make some for yourself!



I love having bins to organize things like potatoes, spices, nuts, and cookie cutters— small things that could otherwise get lost or migrate through the cupboards.

These ones are from the Dollar Tree, and I got six of them in a single trip to completely make over my pantry cabinet so I can corral all the things and have the storage containers create a neat, uniform look.

Here is a colorful set I found on Amazon that could be fun to have!



I also like the wire shelves that you can add to any cupboard to get more storage space. We have one to elevate our little snack bowls so we can have two stacks of them in our bowl cupboard, and another to corral muffin tins (and keep them from tipping over) in our cooking cabinet.

I got these wire shelves from the Dollar Tree, so they’re definitely cost-effective!

You can get similar ones on Amazon.


Mason jars

I know, I know, mason jars are a major trend that’s showing up everywhere. But they’re so useful!

I love them for dry goods like beans, popcorn, and chocolate chips.

I also recently poured honey into one from the plastic bottle it came from because the last bottle sat on the shelf long enough for the honey to crystallize, and it was incredibly hard to get it out of the narrow-mouthed bottle at that point; if it happens again, at least the glass jar is microwave-safe!

You can get mason jars just about anywhere, from Amazon to Walmart to Target, or you could use other glass jars you already have, like washed-out peanut butter jars!



I love canisters for baking ingredients that I want to keep on-hand. Ours have flour, sugar, powdered sugar, oats, and brown sugar in them.

They’re a stylish way to hold your food, and these kind have little windows in them so you can see what’s inside and know how much you have (or know when it’s time to buy more).

I got mine at Goodwill for just $5 or so per canister, which is WAY cheaper than most places carry them for, but you could order a set on Amazon without breaking the bank, too.



I LOVE having bins to organize items in my medicine cabinet! I have one for everything for my face, one for my eyes and hair care products, one for my oral health care, and one for body products. I simply put some clear tape on the outside of the bin and labeled them with a permanent marker. You could easily create fancier labels, and I plan to, but it works well for the time being!

Any small basket or bin would work in this kind of setting, and you can easily label them, too! I put a piece of clear tape on the bin and wrote on the tape with a permanent marker for a simple label I could remove if I needed to.

You can get some really simple bins on Amazon.



I love a good tray! I have one on our coffee table, and after my sister put one in her bathroom, I wanted one in mine, too!

I’d previously had my face wash pump and other goodies in the cabinet, but it was kind of inconvenient to have to pull them out to use them every time.

I found a clear plastic tray at the Dollar Tree and simply filled it with my face wash, a homemade face scrub, and moisturizer (recipes coming soon!).

It’s so much easier, and now I’ve freed up extra cabinet space, too!

While they’re cheaper at the Dollar Tree (just about everything is), you can get them on Amazon, too.



Whether you’re looking for options for your linen closet, laundry room, or basement, I think plastic storage bins are the way to go!

You can pick whatever size and shape work best for your space and the items you’re storing, and they have tons of options for styles and colors!

You can also get them just about anywhere, which is always a plus.

These ones on Amazon are pretty similar, but I think I got mine at Walmart on sale.


What was your favorite suggestion? Was there one that surprised you or one that you’re going to run out and buy (or stay at home and buy from your couch)? Or did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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