The Single Most Important Step to A Prettier Home


The Single Most Important Step to A Prettier Home

If there was just one step to transforming your home, what would it be?


Buying new artwork?

Hiring Joanna Gaines to decorate for you?

Buying a new place to just start over?

Getting the newest bins, baskets, pillows, and throws?


None of those are it.

The number one tip, the single most important step, for making your home prettier, neater, more organized, calmer, and more you is…

Drumroll please…

To declutter all the junk getting in the way of loving your home.

Why decluttering?

You can’t enjoy what you have if it’s hiding behind, covered by, buried beneath, or suffocated by things you don’t love.

Many people think reorganizing and redecorating will transform their spaces from places they avoid to places they never want to leave. While doing those things can help a great deal, they’re not the first step.

Decluttering is step one. It’s the first step in the process of creating a home you love, and the best news is that it doesn’t take professional intervention, special equipment, or buying more things!

Physical clutter breeds mental clutter, so taking the time to clear out the extra stuff in your home will give you more mental space to breathe. It is always worth it!

Easy decluttering steps

1) Take everything out.

Taking just one area of your home at a time so things don’t get too crazy or overwhelming, take everything out of your space.

Pile like things together: sweaters, pens, dresses, shoes, necklaces, cleaning supplies, notebooks. This will make it clear where you’ve accumulated an excess in any one area.

2) Sort things into boxes.

As you go through your piles of like things, take a look at each item and decide what to do with it, putting it into one of a few types of boxes.

Keep: things you use and/or love and are willing to store, organize, clean around, and take care of.

Donate: things that are in good enough shape to not throw away, but things you no longer love or use.

Relocate: things you’re keeping but don’t belong in the space you’re working in. Instead of running around the house to put them away in the moment, make a pile to relocate later.

Trash: things that aren’t in good enough shape to donate, but still need to make their way out.

Maybe: things you’re not yet sure about keeping or tossing, to be stored out of sight for a defined period of time to see if you want to go back and get it or let it go.

3) Clean the space.

While your space (closet, drawer, room, cupboard) is empty of stuff, take a minute to wipe it, dust it, sweep it, or vacuum it clean. I promise it’s worth the extra effort to be able to know your home is clean even in the odd corners and closets.

4) Get rid of the stuff.

As you go through your house, throw out the trash as needed. Make runs to your local donation center as needed (you can decide how often that is; I find it helpful to limit it to one car load at a time so it’s not too frequent but also not too crazy to cram the car full).

Once you’ve gotten rid of the trash and taken the donation pile out to a designated place where it will be out of the way (a specific closet, storage space, room you don’t spend tons of time in, basement, or garage are some good places), relocate the items that belong elsewhere in the house, and then you get to move on to the next space!

5) Put back what you love.

In the most logical place where you’re most likely to look for it. Keep like things together as much as possible. Think of ways to display or use the things you love so they’re not stuck in storage where you don’t get to enjoy them.

Now what?

Enjoy the open space. Don’t feel the need to decorate every wall or cover every horizontal surface.

Organize what’s left, starting with what you have, buying more bins, baskets, containers, and labels if necessary.

You don’t have to buy the newest, prettiest bins to organize all your stuff. You need less stuff. I say that with grace and kindness because that applies to me, too, friend. But I don’t want you to think the answer is simply organizing your stuff better; that’s only putting a Band-Aid on the real problem of having too much stuff. So start with decluttering, then organize what you have, and you’ll have a prettier, more peaceful home you actually want to go home to!

And if you want some extra help in this process, you can check out my free Decluttering Bootcamp to get you started with clearing out some of the biggest problem areas in your home!

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