The Lost Art of Letter-Writing

Do you get excited when you get a letter in the mail? I do! I don't get a whole lot of paper mail these days, and most of what I do receive is junk mail. So when I see a personal letter that someone took the time to write and mail the old-school way, I really appreciate it. In the midst of a pile of bills, bank statements, solicitations for credit cards, flyers, and sales from the stores you forgot you gave your address to, finding a letter from a loved one is like a breath of fresh air. At last, something you can open with a smile, sit back and read, without getting stressed out about.

With the advent of email and social media, many of us have lost the art of letter-writing. We have foregone the days of pulling out personalized stationery sets, monogrammed pens, stamps, and return address labels for brief messages sent to our friends' phones and computers.

I strongly advise that you join me in bringing back this seemingly outdated practice. It is so much more personal than a message on social media or even an email. It says that someone took precious time out of their day to think of you and write to you, when they could have otherwise been doing something else instead. They had to put special effort into it, digging out their stamps and envelopes, and looking up your street address-- because, let's face it, we don't remember anyone's phone numbers anymore, let alone street addresses.

So dust off your pretty stationery (or find some blank paper, if you must), sit down at your desk, set aside more modern forms of communication that are far less personal, and write a letter to a friend or family member.

It doesn't have to be for someone who lives far away; it can be for someone you see on a regular basis if you like. Write a note just to say hi, tell them a funny story about what happened at the store the other day, reminisce about days gone by, or ask them a bunch of questions and challenge them to write back to you. Who knows? Maybe you'll develop a penpal relationship with someone!

Who will you write a letter to?