The Best Natural Household Products (Store-Bought and DIY)


The Best Natural Household Products (Store-Bought and DIY)

You want a clean home, you want to use products you can feel good about, and you don’t want your bank account to suffer for it or spend all your time grating soap by hand.

Can you do all four?

Yes, you can!

I promise you can have effective products that you feel good about, and there are budget-friendly options from the store and with DIY options that you can choose from to save both time and money!

First I’m sharing store-bought options because I know the importance of having convenient options when life is busy and you don’t have time (or let’s face it, just don’t want to) make things yourself.

Then I’m sharing some DIY options in case you’re really pinching pennies or if you want to challenge yourself to make homemade options!

You get to choose what works best for you in this season with no shame.

That means you can buy everything from the store, DIY it all, or pick and choose from both lists.

Store-Bought Products


Essential oils set — I use these for everything! Making roller bottles for muscle relief, “sleep tight” sprays, household cleaners, or diffusing blends.

Mrs. Meyers cleaning concentrate, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent —my favorite scents are lemon verbena, basil, geranium, and lavender.

Norwex/ Grove microfiber cloths — these are great for cleaning all your surfaces, and because they’re antibacterial, you don’t have to worry about using cleaners or spreading gross germs.

Wool dryer balls — save drying time and eliminate toxic dryer sheets.


Reusable plastic bags — just like your trusty Ziploc bags, but ones you can feel good about using again and again.

Glass food storage containers — microwave and dishwasher safe, in a variety of sizes, great for storing all your food and reheating it.

Divided glass food storage containers — safe for packing and reheating lunches, perfect for bento-style meals or keeping your foods separate.

Collapsible water bottle — fits in your bag nicely, travels well, keeps you hydrated.

Glass water bottle — my favorite at-home option for staying hydrated.

Cloth napkins — more economically and environmentally friendly than paper versions, just throw them in the wash when they’re dirty.


Reusable tote bags — I keep a bunch of bags like these (though not as stylish) in my car for grocery trips and shopping runs, so I can cut back on paper and plastic bags.

Reusable travel bags (TSA approved) — these are great for snacks and toiletries, especially while traveling.

Luggage organizers — these have been a lifesaver when I’m traveling, saving me from having to turn my whole bag upside down to find something, instead keeping it all organized in smaller compartments.


Battery pack — perfect for on-the-go charging for all your devices.

Reusable muffin liners — I love not having to peel off paper wrappers (that all too often get stuck and tear) and feel like I’m wasting them or having to use more oil; instead I just use these liners and wash them for next time.

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DIY Products

Deodorizing spray — for stinky clothes, bags, or rooms in your house.

Clothes whitening soak/detergent booster (bleach alternative) — I’m not a fan of bleach and the chemical smell or potency, so I’m transitioning to a safer alternative.

Fruit & veggie wash — whether you buy organic or not, it’s always a good idea to wash your produce, and this saves you from paying a premium price for the premade versions!

Dish soap — I have yet to try this one, but it looks easy and so helpful!

All-purpose cleaner — so simple and versatile.

Glass cleaner — here’s to smudge-free mirrors and streak-free windows!

Laundry detergent — who isn’t looking for a new recipe to wash their clothes more effectively?

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