I've written about giving thanks and practicing gratitude before, so I caught myself thinking this year if it's really worth it to address the topic again. But really, can you be too grateful? I don't think so. I think it's important to think about what I'm grateful for each year and not skip over it just because it's been done before.

What this means is that recognizing our blessings is learned behavior. A choice. And it’s one that takes some preparation. -Holley Gerth, (in)courage

So in the spirit of all things gratitude, here are some things I'm grateful for right now:

  1. Having my own house. Man, it's a lot of work. But it's so very good. I love having more space, and knowing my sister and I took a really big, adult step in buying a townhouse makes me really proud and grateful for the ability to do so.
  2. My job. Even though I complain about it sometimes, I really am glad to have it. The people are great, and, of course, it allows me to pay my bills and put food on the table.
  3. My church community. I was lost when I came home from college and had no community, no church family to call my own. I had been surrounded by hundreds of like-minded individuals for three years, and moving back home meant I had to start over in that area. But the timing was perfect, and I got involved with helping start Clarity Church just months after graduating. And now those people are some of my nearest and dearest.
  4. My parents. They have been so very helpful in everything with our move and understanding things with the house. I wouldn't have made it through the whole process without them. Not to mention all the times they took care of me while I was sick, gave me advice, and encouraged me.
  5. My sister. She's my roommate and my carpool buddy. She makes me laugh without even trying.
  6. My best friends. They're my non-biological family. They're the ones figuring out this whole adulting thing with me, reminding me that I'm not alone. They make me laugh when I need it most, push me outside of my comfort zone, encourage me, advise me, and just live life with me. I just had "friendsgiving" with the friends I have here at home and a mini reunion weekend with the girls I lived with in college, and I'm so grateful for them all! I am so blessed to have all the wonderful people I do. My people are great people, and I have been profoundly influenced and shaped by them over the years. I don't know who I'd be without them.
  7. Wool socks. Seriously, these are lifesavers for those of us who hate the cold.
  8. Netflix and Gilmore Girls. These two things have been my constant companion lately as I prepped for Thanksgiving. Gilmore Girls is always good, but it's also comforting in a nostalgic way.
  9. A pretty mild fall. I really don't like the cold, so the fact that the warmer temperatures lasted much longer this year was like a personal gift to me.
  10. Books. Oh, how I love them. Whether in ebook, paperback, or hardcover form, I adore them. They're doors to other worlds, constructed only by words. It's phenomenal just to think that the authors were able to achieve such a great picture for their readers through their writing.

What are you grateful for this year? It could be big or small, that doesn't matter. What matters is that you take time to give thanks for it.

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