Tell Your Story

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There is so much power in owning and telling your one-of-a-kind story!

Your story is unique to you. It made you who you are today. And it's worth telling!



Do you know how much freedom there is to be found in owning and sharing your story? 

When you no longer let shame keep your story hidden in the deepest, darkest parts of your soul, you conquer it. You quiet the voices by using your voice. Instead of letting your story own you, you choose to own it.

Only by bringing things out into the light of day can we see them for what they really are. Perspective has a way of making big things seem small and small things seem big. It gives us fresh eyes and a renewed ability to see the good, the lessons, the growth that has come from our pasts, even if things were painful in the moment.



By choosing to be the one to tell your story, you get to decide how to tell it. You get the wonderful opportunity to frame it the way you want to. 

Where you begin it, what you include in it, and how you describe and explain the details of it are up to you. You have the power position here. It's your story, and you get to tell it to the world around you.

When I wrote the series of posts about my story here on Notes from Jessie, I got to decide what I included, what I focused on, what details I provided, where I began the story, and how I wrapped it up. Of course, there are plenty of things I didn't include (for the sake of time, privacy, or other reasons), and you have the power to do the same with your story!



We lead by example. We learn from the examples of others.

How many times have you been more willing to do something once someone else has gone first? A friend jumped in the pool first, proving it wasn't too deep. Your parents skated around the pond before you to demonstrate how it was done. Your brother or sister showed you how to ride a bike before making you try it yourself.

By being bold enough to share your story, you're empowering others to do the same. Your boldness inspires them to step out in boldness, too. 


So, what's your story? I encourage you to share it today, to own your story, choose how you're going to tell it, and inspire others to share their story, too!

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