Summer Activity


As summer is just around the bend, I've started to think about what I might want to do in this new season. I've had seasonal bucket lists for the last couple years, but this time around, that's feeling a little too formal and rigid. In the name of resting more, I'm thinking more of brainstorming a list of things I could do, aiming to try them as time allows, not forcing myself to try to make time for all of them. I want to make sure I enjoy the best the season has to offer in good weather, more relaxed schedules, and plenty of good food!

  1. Read a good book outside in the sunshine. If you're looking for some good ideas, check out Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2016 Summer Reading Guide. She's so good at picking out books!
  2. Go for a walk without a specific destination in mind.
  3. Stare up at the clouds and find shapes in them.
  4. Try a new hobby.
  5. Find a new running route.
  6. Help someone garden, since I don't currently have one of my own.
  7. Wash my car by hand.
  8. Try a new farmer's market (and revisit some old ones).
  9. Have a picnic with friends.
  10. Go adventuring around the Twin Cities. For some good ideas, check out this list from or this one from

What are your favorite things to do in the summer? What are you hoping to do this year?