Online Grocery Shopping Do's & Don'ts to Make Your Life Easier


Online Grocery Shopping Do's & Don'ts to Make Your Life Easier

Grocery shopping can feel like such a chore!

It can take up a lot of time.

It can cost a lot of money.

And yet we can’t escape it because we need to eat every week.

Free store pickup

In case you’re not already aware of it, many stores let you order online and pick your groceries up at the store for free!

I like Walmart’s grocery pickup, and I’m seeing more and more stores get on board the grocery pickup and/or delivery bandwagon!


All you have to do is order the food online or through the app on your phone, select a time to pick it up, arrive at that time and let them know you’re there, and open your trunk to have the food all loaded in.

You can check to see what stores in your area offer this service. I know Walmart does (though check to see if the one nearest you offers it). Target also offers order pickup and shipping to your house.


Go out of your way to order groceries from and drive to a store that’s too far out of your way just to take advantage of their grocery pickup option. It’s typically more efficient to grocery shop the old-fashioned way (i.e. going into the store, picking out your items, and checking out at the register) or to order them online and have them shipped than it is to waste the time and gas to drive too far out of your way to do online order pickup.


Order more than just what you need for this week. Consider adding some pantry or household staples to save another trip next week. Not quite out of pasta but anticipating you’ll need it next week? Get it this week while you’re going to the store already. That means next week could be just a quick in-and-out trip for fresh produce or a week when you could skip going to the store altogether!


Online shop without a list. It’s not quite as dangerous as shopping in a store without a list because you don’t see quite as many sales for other items, but the temptation to buy extras on impulse is still there, so starting with a list will help curb that temptation!


Save your favorites so you can have a go-to list with things you order frequently. This is especially helpful if you prefer certain brands, sizes, or varieties of things.


Misuse the “accept substitutions” option for stores that offer it. If you’re okay getting a different brand, different size, or different type of item (they try to match them as close as possible, but it does happen). If you just need some kind of cereal, or chocolate, or peanut butter, but you don’t care what brand or what the ingredients are or anything more specific, then make use of that option right there! If the brand, nutrition information, or specifics of your items, you won’t want to check that option. But know that you may risk not getting that item if they’re out instead of getting a similar item, which might mean you have to make a separate trip to another store to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Subscribe to save

You can also order food and household supplies like paper towels and tissues through online stores and subscribe to have them deliver on a recurring basis.

How amazing is that?

Not only do you not have to go to the store in person, but you don’t have to worry about restocking important things because they’re coming as often as you need them to!

(Amazon is my personal favorite, and I use Grove for household products!)


Subscribe for things you regularly use, like toilet paper, cereal, tampons, or flour.


Subscribe for things you don’t use often, just to make the most of the little price break you get for subscribing. Unless you’re disciplined in setting reminders to cancel your subscriptions, you’ll probably forget and end up ordering more than you need and being charged more than you planned for things you didn’t yet need.


Pause your subscription if you’ve over-ordered or just want a break. This is a great feature that lets you adjust your delivery for your changing life. In addition to pausing your subscription, you can change the frequency with which certain things arrive, and many providers (like Amazon) allow you to change the frequency for individual items, not just the whole order.


Feel bad for paying a little bit more to have things you regularly use delivered to you. If you order enough stuff and consider the value of your time, it could actually save you time and money and make it well worth the little added expense!

Ordering online to have your groceries delivered or to pick them up at the store can be a great time-saver! What really helps is understanding how these practices work and how you can make the most of them to get what you need while saving time and money!

If you’re looking to save even more time, money, energy, and sanity around meals, check out my free Meal Planning Toolkit!

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