November 2017 Favorites

I thought it would be fun if I took a moment each month to let you know what things are currently striking my fancy, so here goes the November installment! 

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This month, I read The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith, Anything by Jennie Allen (I'm still reading this, tbh, because it's taking me a while to really process it), My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout, I See You by Clare Mackintosh, 1984 by George Orwell, and To Live is Christ by Beth Moore.



"Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great." - Steve Prefontaine. I'm coming to realize how often decisions aren't between good and bad, but rather good and better. So I'm choosing to be willing to give up the good in order to get what's great.



I stumbled upon The Lazy Genius's Gilmore Girls binge list, and I watched the "lover's guide," but it didn't feel like enough, so I proceeded to watch almost the entire series over again. It's just so good!!!



"Legends" by Kelsea Ballerini-- or really anything by her! I'm just really loving her voice lately.



I made some really good pumpkin granola, and it's especially good served with coconut yogurt and bananas (and maybe some dark chocolate chips!).

I've also been roasting all the fall veggies for various get-togethers, and they've been so good! I made some (pretty darn good, if I do say so myself) guac for a couple different groups of people, and it was gobbled up so quickly I wish I'd made more!



Pursuit with Purpose from Melyssa Griffin has been such a good listen! I first became familiar with Melyssa through her wealth of information about utilizing Pinterest for business growth, and when she started a podcast, I jumped on the bandwagon! Her episodes are focused around the idea of what it means to live a life of purpose, which is right in line with my own goals, and they're so entertaining and inspirational. I highly recommend it! Even though it comes from a business-minded person and she discusses applications in business, it's completely applicable in our everyday lives, too.



I had a mini roommate reunion at my friend's house, and it was such a sweet time spent with good friends. We don't get together very often any more, and I always love it when we can carve out some time to catch up on one another's lives and enjoy each other's company.

Thanksgiving is my second-favorite holiday (Christmas is first, obviously), and it was so good! My family went to the Walk to End Hunger at the Mall of America once again (it was our third consecutive year taking part; it's become a great tradition!) and had lunch at my grandma and grandpa's house. And, of course, my sister and cousins and I went shopping on Black Friday, per our long-standing tradition. It's always so much fun!



I have bridal shower for a friend that I'm planning with some other friends, and I'm really looking forward to it! I love weddings and party planning, so this is right up my alley!

Of course, I'm also very much looking forward to Christmas. I love how everything gets special and magical this time of year, how people look for ways to serve and love others. My family goes to Feed My Starving Children every year to pack meals, and we're working on picking out gifts (like chickens and goats) to send through World Vision. They go to families in need, to help them get on their feet and provide for their families. I've also been loving putting together Christmas presents for my people, and I'm excited to give them!

I'm not a Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving person, so now I'm excited to get into full-blown Christmas mode! My sister and I haven't figured out the best place to put our Christmas tree yet, but I can still play all the carols and redecorate the mantel!


What were some of your favorite things this month? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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