March 2017 Favorites


I thought it would be fun if I took a moment each month to let you know what things are currently striking my fancy, so here goes the March installment! Current favorites:

Book: I read Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, and I loved it! While I don't plan to begin my own year-long project to make myself happier, I have begun looking into ways to make my life more joyful. Some of the things Gretchen tried were things I wouldn't have thought of, like spending money on splurges. But it was interesting to see what she chose, why she chose it, and how it affected her life and the lives of those around her. 

I've also been reading Emily P. Freeman's book A Million Little Ways. It became available at the library, and I snatched it up, sort of forgetting what it was about, since it had been on my wishlist for a while. Oh. My. Goodness. I had no idea how much I needed to read this! I'm working on a book about purpose, passion, identity, and work, and this book touched on those themes so well! It was much-needed encouragement for my soul, especially during the late writing phase. I took notes like a madwoman, but I think I will come back to them frequently. I will probably purchase this book at some point (which is rare for me; I usually just borrow library books).

Food: I made the most AMAZING faux cookie dough! Seriously, I could eat it for days. And I pretty much did. It came from Fit Foodie Finds, where I stumbled upon it when I was making her Moose Tracks Overnight Oats, which were also scrumptious. But those cookie dough bites, guys. You need to make them ASAP. I didn't coat them in chocolate, but I honestly didn't even remember the recipe called for it. They're just so good as is. MAKE THEM.

Song: Even If by MercyMe. I've always loved the verse in Daniel about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's faith in God when they're facing the blazing furnace. This song reminds me that while God is all-powerful, His plans are greater than ours, and sometimes He chooses to do things differently than I would. But that doesn't make Him any less good, powerful, or loving.

They say sometimes you win some Sometimes you lose some And right now Right now I’m losing bad

I’ve stood on this stage Night after night Reminding the broken It’ll be alright But right now Oh right now I just can’t

It’s easy to sing When there’s nothing to bring me down But what will I say When I’m held to the flame Like I am right now

I know You’re able And I know You can Save through the fire With Your mighty hand But even if You don’t My hope is You alone

They say it only takes a little faith To move a mountain Good thing A little faith is all I have right now

But God when You choose To leave mountains unmovable Give me the strength To be able to sing It is well with my soul

I know the sorrow I know the hurt Would all go away If You’d just say the word But even if You don’t My hope is You alone

You’ve been faithful You’ve been good All of my days Jesus, I will cling to You Come what may ‘Cause I know You’re able I know You can

It is well with my soul

TV Show: I finally started watching This is Us, and I'm hooked. Knowing it starred Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia was enough for me, but the dynamics of the family the show is centered around are really interesting, and they cover some really serious topics very well. Check it out!

Memory from this month: I spent a lot of time with my family and a few close friends to celebrate my sister's birthday this month. We made a decadent breakfast, since that's her favorite meal, and we went to see Beauty and the Beast! Of course, we rounded out the day with some shopping, too. It was a great time!

Looking forward to next month: My sister and I are traveling with our best friends to visit our second family in North Carolina in just a couple weeks! I'm so excited to reunite with them! We're going to have adventures and eat all the good food and probably laugh until our sides hurt. I can't wait!


Now it's your turn. What are some of your favorite things? I'd love to hear them!




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