Making a House into a Home


Hand-drawn-quote-by-The-Inspired-Room-blogOkay, okay, so I live in an apartment, not a house, but bear with me, all right? "Making an apartment into a home" just doesn't doesn't have the same ring to it. What would it take for you to transform your house into a home? Do you think there's a difference, or are they one in the same?

I hadn't really thought about it until just recently, when looking further into ways to declutter, reevaluate, reorganize, and make the most of my spaces as I continue through the possessions focus of my Project 7 adventure.

Have you ever walked into someone else's house and instantly felt comfortable, safe, relaxed, or at ease? Did you feel, in other words, at home?

While a house can merely be a dumping ground for all of life's stuff, a home is so much more. Home is a place we come to at the end of a long day to unwind, relax, and find comfort. It holds part of our heart, is filled with memories, and occupies a special place in our hearts.

I want my home (currently this apartment, but at every stage of my life going forward) to welcome others in and to welcome me in at the end of my day. I don't want to be stressed about maintaining it, frustrated trying to find things, unsettled when it seems like things just aren't arranged optimally, or just dissatisfied with the general impression of a place that is lived in but not especially loved.

In thinking of what I wanted my home to look like, I asked myself what I wanted the dominant feelings conveyed by each room to be-- the mood or atmosphere, if you will. I want the purpose of each room and the desired atmosphere to guide how I fill the space. Instead of haphazardly placing things around the apartment, creating a mis-matched, aimless grouping of my belongings, I want to be more intentional in creating a calming space that welcomes people in.

What makes each room special? What do I love about a particular space? What don't I like the look or feel of? What would I change? What kind of story would I want my space to tell a stranger about me?

I'm going to keep these questions in mind as I survey my apartment one room at a time and try to slowly transform it into a place that feels more like home. Will you join me in doing the same with your space?

What do you want your home to feel like or look like?


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