Leaving a Legacy

I got the chance to attend the memorial service for my friend's mom this morning, and while it was incredibly sad to think about life without her, it was a great opportunity to hear more about her from those who were closest to her. I couldn't help but wonder what people might say after I've left this earth. It's only natural to wonder that when listening to the legacies that will live on with the successors of those who pass on, isn't it? The lessons our loved ones have taught us, the indelible fingerprints they have left on our hearts, will last for a long time to come.

What will people remember most about us when we're gone? What kind of impression are we making upon those we interact with on a regular basis? Are we choosing to live our lives in a manner that will leave the world a better place?

Will those who knew us say that we were too busy, or that we never failed to make time for them? Will they remember us as generous or stingy? Will we be called compassionate, gracious, merciful, and loving? Or will we be remembered for being workaholics, spending countless hours in the office, pursuing things that we can't take with us?

I say this not because I am confident that all of my character qualities are ones that I proudly bear, but because I needed this reminder to focus on what really matters, and I think many of you might, too.

When you look back on your own life, what sticks out to you? Do you remember days spent with family and friends, or do you have more memories of time spent climbing the corporate ladder or pursuing the fleeting and insignificant things of this world that will be quickly forgotten? What things would you change? What's holding you back from changing those things? You have the power to shape the kind of memory you will leave behind.

What kind of a legacy do you want to leave?