Learning Lately: Winter 2017-2018

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I'm joining Anne Bogel and Emily P. Freeman in noting the things I've been learning every season, and today I'm sharing my winter 2017-2018 collection with you!


There is a lot of power to be found in just trying.

I've been doing a lot of mindset work over the last several months, but especially the last month or two, and it's been so good for me! I hadn't realized how much I tell myself I can't do things or that things are just too hard. Doing so leaves me completely unmotivated to even try to accomplish whatever task is before me. 

But when I flip my thinking around and remind myself that even if it's hard, I can certainly try before quitting, I find I can do more than I thought! Now, I haven't been able to do everything I attempt to do, but I can do more than I would have with a more negative attitude, and that's a big win for me!


Instrumental music isn't terrible.

As a person who only played the recorder by force in elementary school and only practiced the piano under duress for less than a full year when I was ten, I've always loved vocal music. I took choir for several years and loved it. But this has always left me with a negative impression of instrumental music. I always thought it was the boring cousin of music with words. 

But as I'm doing more writing and deep work, I can't always handle having music with words going in my headphones. It's just too much. I get distracted by my desire to listen to the words instead of focusing on what I'm doing. So I started dabbling in piano covers (like the ones from the Piano Guys-- love!), and I got hooked! I certainly haven't given up my favorites with words, but it's nice to know I don't have to discount a whole genre!


Sometimes you have to lean into your fear.

Our fear can certainly warn us away from danger, but sometimes it just means we should slow down a bit while we move forward, so we know what we're headed toward and prepare accordingly. It doesn't always mean we have to stop or turn around and run full-speed in the opposite direction.

I haven't always tolerated change well, and I have a propensity to shy away from things that scare me or make me uncomfortable, but I'm learning to lean into it. It's in the discomfort, in the space outside of my comfort zone, that I grow, learn new things, experience new things, and create new things. I don't think anything great was ever achieved without a certain level of fear and change-- and courage to move forward anyway. So here's to leaning into it, to feeling the fear and taking a step anyway!


Paper planners are still cool.

I switched to electronic calendars and a to-do list app (which I love) a few years ago to try to conserve paper, and because I honestly thought I didn't need a paper planner without school assignments to keep track of anymore. After all, I was an adult. Why would an adult need a paper planner?

Well, I've taken a dose of humility and admitted that I need more than just an electronic calendar and a to-do list app. I need my handy dandy paper planner. I tried the bullet journal first, and that provided a wonderful space for all my note-taking and brainstorming for various things, but it didn't have a calendar, and things got too easily lost without being tied to a timeframe.

So, as I prepared to jump into 2018, I decided to get a paper planner. I actually had to get a couple different things to put together something that would work for me, but I'm loving what I came up with! It has monthly and weekly pages with plenty of room for plans and to-do lists, and it also has planning sheets for each month, with space to write goals, celebrations, events, and things to remember. And I added blank notebooks to keep track of all the other things I write-- gratitude journaling, quote lists, places to go, ideas for my business. 

It's helped me stay so much more organized, and I'm loving it!


What have you been learning lately? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Later, lovely!Jessie.png