How You, Too, Can Make Brave Decisions


How You, Too, Can Make Brave Decisions

“I can’t be brave.” “I’m just not brave like her.” “Me? Brave? You’ve got to be kidding!”

Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking things like that?

I’m challenging you to stop that kind of thinking right here, right now.

Stop disqualifying yourself from bravery.

Nobody else is stopping you from taking brave action but you.


Brave decisions aren’t limited to deciding where to go to college or who to marry. Brave decisions make up our daily lives.

Choosing to speak up when you could otherwise stand by in silence is brave.

Asking for what you want is brave.

Telling someone you love them (especially when you’re not sure how they’ll respond) is brave.

Starting a tough conversation is brave.

Confronting someone in love is brave.

Reaching out to make a new friend is brave.

Let’s stop limiting bravery to huge displays and start understanding what everyday bravery looks like.


Brave actions naturally go against the grain of our culture that tries to get us all to fit in with one another and go with the flow.

Brave actions will sometimes go against what others expect of us, but that doesn’t make them wrong. I’m not encouraging a flagrant disregard of others’ feelings, needs, or opinions, but experiencing resistance doesn’t mean we’ve made the wrong choice.

We were created as unique beings, and we’re made to stand out, not to blend in. At times, that’s going to require us to be willing to literally stand out like a sore thumb. At times it’s going to mean going against the grain.

But that’s the only way that real change happens. Nothing’s going to change if we sit back and wait for someone else to speak up, create what we wish existed, or take action. It’s up to us. We need to be the brave ones.


You and I are different. We were created to pursue different things that suit the gifts, talents, and personalities we were given. So if we tried to pursue the exact same things, it wouldn’t work. We just weren’t meant for that. We were designed to pursue a one-of-a-kind path, and that takes bravery, too.

It’s easy to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. Go to a four-year university in state? Done. Get your Mrs. degree along with your diploma four years later? Check. Get a home you can afford if you stretch the payments and put all your savings into a down payment? Yep. Start a job that you’re competent in but not passionate about because there are opportunities to move up later and it was the best option at the time? Check. Settle down a few years later with a couple kids, a dog, and a minivan? Sure.

Please hear me out: none of those things are bad. In fact, many of them are great! And so many people live a life that looks remarkably like that outline with immense joy, gratitude, and fulfillment. That path was indeed theirs. But too many people chase those things or find themselves halfway toward them without any real purpose or desire for them. Some even want other things, like a gap year, international travel, an unpaid internship, foster parenting, singleness, tiny houses, or any other number of things. And for them, choosing the well-worn path to follow the majority would be disappointing and less fulfilling than going their own route.

So I’m encouraging you to discern what you really want and to not be afraid to pursue it! Your desires may change over time, growing and changing with you, or they may remain constant. You might turn around or go in a different direction at some point, and that’s cool, too. And, of course, all paths (the well-worn one included) have unexpected twists and turns, and we are not ultimately the ones in control of our lives. But when the choice is ours to make, we can lean into the wisdom, gifts, desires, dreams, and skills God has given us and choose to honor and serve Him by putting them to good use!

Now you know how you, too, can be brave in your everyday life!

It starts with recognizing that everyday decisions require bravery.

It means being willing to go against the grain.

And it involves being exactly who you were made to be.

What brave decision or action will you make today? I want to know! Tell me in the comments or shoot me an email at, and I’ll cheer you on personally!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png