8 Easy Steps to Switch to Sustainable Products


8 Easy Steps to Switch to Sustainable Products

We all know plastic, disposable products are bad for the environment.

And yet we succumb to the convenience of them because we don’t see another way.

Let’s take a look at some easy, accessible ways to switch to more sustainable products without spending all our time and money on it.


The easiest swap I’ve made is with my shopping bags. Instead of choosing paper or plastic, I choose to bring my own canvas tote bags to take home my groceries and other purchases.

It might not seem like the most convenient thing, but it’s really simple once you start, especially if you keep a stock of them in your car like I do!

I like bringing them to the farmer’s market, too, where sustainable choices are even more appreciated, and where some vendors don’t have bags for you. It ensures that you’ll have a way to carry home your goodies!


I just started using bamboo straws from Grove Collaborative, and I’m loving them!

Not only are they beautiful, but they’re far more sustainable than the typical plastic or paper straws that come up when you order a drink at a restaurant.

Because they’re small, you could easily pack them in your bag, especially if you know you’re on your way to get a drink or meal with a friend.

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You’ve probably heard about the dangers of microwaving food in plastic, especially if it isn’t BPA-free plastic. It makes me squirm, to be honest.

One of the easiest ways to avoid that icky feeling is to simply swap out your food storage containers by using glass instead of plastic.

Now, I’m going to level with you and admit I haven’t switched 100% to glass. It’s a work in progress, especially for things I’m storing in a jam-packed freezer. I’m kind of afraid of things falling out of my freezer and breaking.

However, I LOVE using glass storage containers 90% of the time for a few reasons that matter to me.

  • glass containers don’t absorb odors, making them ideal for storing a variety of foods, like going from chili to cookies with no problem!

  • glass containers are safe to use in the microwave without worrying about toxic chemicals getting in your food

  • because smells and colors (from things like tomato sauce and turmeric) don’t cling to glass containers, they last longer, meaning I don’t have to buy them as often

  • glass containers are often prettier (okay, this is admittedly less important, but it does matter to me)


I grew up using plastic baggies for everything we could, so I’m no stranger to it. But I feel a little guilty burning through them at a ridiculous rate and only to throw them all away.

My solution? Use reusable bags!

They’re just like their disposable counterparts, but not single-use.

Another great thing is how quickly they’re growing in popularity. I’ve seen one particular version in brick-and-mortar stores, and you can take your pick of options on Amazon and Grove Collaborative, too!


I haven’t jumped on the beeswax wraps bandwagon yet myself, but only because I don’t use wax paper, cling wrap, or aluminum foil much to begin with. I tend to use glass storage containers or reusable plastic bags instead.

But I’ve heard wonderful things about beeswax wraps, including the fact that they’re a far more sustainable option than traditional wax paper, and how you can get several uses out of each one!


I LOVE using cloth napkins! It saves so much paper waste!

I keep a stash in my kitchen drawer and extras in the linen closet in case we have people over and I need more.

Even though I have more in the house, I only go through a few a week because they’re so durable. Then when I have a few in my laundry room with the other rags and things, I just throw them in the laundry!


One of my favorite swaps has simply been bringing my own to-go mug with me when I anticipate getting tea with a friend instead of using a paper or styrofoam cup and plastic lid.

If you want to make this swap, consider keeping a mug in your car, on your desk at work, or somewhere else that would make it extremely convenient to use it!

Bonus: my cup is larger than the standard cup size, so I actually get to drink more tea!


Similar to bringing a reusable mug with me when I go places, I always travel with a water bottle— like always. I’m very rarely caught without water.

I’ve tried several designs of collapsible water bottles, but I finally landed on carrying a simple glass water bottle with me in my purse and keeping a similar one at home.

Using a reusable water bottle saves so many plastic water bottles! And it saves dishes because I don’t have to wash so many cups— and now I don’t tip them over and spill water, either!

Carrying a water bottle with me also helps me drink water more consistently, which is a great healthy habit!

Have you tried any of these ways to live more sustainably? Let me know in the comments!

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