How Being Brave Can Make You Stand Out (in the Right Way)

How Being Brave Can Make You Stand Out (in the Right Way)


Be different. Shine your light. Be the change you wish to see.

We’ve heard it all before.

But how can we really be brave and not just go with the flow?

Is being brave really the answer, or is it just going to turn us into weird freaks who don’t fit in?

Maybe we need to consider why we would want to fit in to begin with. Fitting in requires compromising who we are to fit into the standards and expectations of others.

It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You’d have to whittle it down, changing its shape, completely altering its identity, in order to make it fit.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very pleasant.

So the alternative is to embrace a more courageous way of life that challenges us and affords us the opportunity to be fully ourselves and pursue what sets our hearts on fire.

Still wondering why you would ever want that kind of life?


Living boldly and bravely highlights what’s unique about you.

Nobody else is like you, but nobody will know what makes you special if you’re not bold enough to stand apart from the crowd!

We’re all unique, and we all have skills and talents to bring to the table.

When we bravely own what makes us us, we cement our places in the world. Our value is not dependent upon our confidence, but our confidence magnifies our skills and helps them reach farther because we’re no longer hiding them.

Once we take a bold stand for who we are and what we’re about, we might become known for that. Whether it’s just in our circles of influence in real life or as an influencer or major sensation on social media, our commitment to boldly pursuing the things we value will lead to us the go-to people for those things.


Because courageously pursuing what we value in a focused, intentional way leads to others coming to know us for those things, it also opens doors for us.

Perhaps you’re passionate about fitness and health. If you pursue it in a focused way, talk to friends and family about your own fitness journey, offer friendly advice when people ask, or even write or blog about fitness and health, you’ll find yourself faced with some opportunities. Maybe you’ll get a sponsorship offer. Or an invitation to collaborate with a health food company. Or a message from a natural skincare line that wants you to feature their product. Or a speaking gig at a fitness expo.

You never know what doors might open when you boldly and bravely pursue what’s captured your heart!


Not everyone is brave. Not everyone chooses to go against the grain or march to the beat of his or her own drummer.

When we do embrace a more courageous way of living, it makes us different. Others begin to notice. They might even ask where our bravery comes from.

This requires our bravery to stir up even more bravery within us. Not only are we then living courageously, but we also have to be bold in speaking about it.

It’s like bravery squared!

And when we boldly speak about what it means to live courageously, pursuing the things we love and are skilled at, giving our best “yes” and gracious “no,” eliminating excess, being ourselves, and focusing on our race instead of what everyone else is doing, we extend an invitation.

What others do with that invitation is up to them, but they often will find themselves unable to return to a life of living to impress others or compete. People are drawn to courageous living like moths to a flame, and once they taste it, they’ll only want more of it!


Embracing these opportunities and answering questions when the chain reaction goes off also lets you empower others to be brave. Not only are you setting an example with the way you live, but you get to interact with more and more people and give them permission to live bravely, too.

The more your brave life and its influence grows (because you have influence, whether it seems like it or not), the more you get to empower others to choose courage, too.

Think of it this way: when you’re brave, you’re reaching out and stepping up. And as you do that, you’re becoming more visible and getting more and more known for your thing, whatever that is.

Whether it’s just in your friend and family circle or all over the internet, you’ll have more eyes on you, and with that comes the chance to invite others to join you!

How can you be brave and stand out in the right way this week? Let me know in the comments!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png