Home Improvements

This month, I've been trying to focus on my physical possessions (although I'll admit it seems like early summer business has distracted me quite a bit). In trying to make my house (apartment) a home, I've done more decluttering and purging (shout out to my cousin for having a well-timed garage sale!) to create cleaner, more simplified spaces, which has felt like a bit of a cop-out since the effect is pretty minimal. After getting rid of unnecessary clutter and reorganizing what was left, however, I do find myself spending less time staring at my stuff and feeling dissatisfied with how much I have and how it's organized/arranged. I'm getting closer to feeling like I have kept only the things that are useful or beautiful and gotten rid of the excessive clutter that just takes up valuable space.

I'm also working on some projects to spruce up what I already have and make it more beautiful so that I can feel more at home in my space. After all, we all want to feel more comfortable, restful, and peaceful in our homes, right? I find that comes more easily when our heads aren't full of a list of improvements we need to make in order to appreciate our surroundings. Sure, there are always going to be things that need repairs or upkeep, but I'm talking more about doing the things necessary to transform a space full of drab, uncoordinated things that appear thrown together by chance into a cohesive space that doesn't make us feel discombobulated or anxious to fix it.

I commissioned my sister and her friend to create a headboard for my new bed, both after seeing the great job the two of them did on her headboard and after realizing that a store-bought one would cost quite a bit more (and I didn't see any I loved). They did a great job!

Eventually, I hope to work with them to frame my full-length mirror, too. My sister added a large wooden frame to hers a while back, and it looks so much cleaner, crisper, and polished (no pun intended) than mine that's screwed directly into the wall with the manufacturer's brackets.

I tried taking on the big challenge of re-fitting the slip-covers that have been on our couches since we moved in. The couches and covers were generously given to us, and while we are incredibly grateful to not have had to shell out a large sum of money for furniture, the covers don't fit well and look rather disheveled. However, I discovered the work was far more difficult than it was worth, since it's a bit above my skill level as an amateur seamstress. But I tried!

I also rearranged some of the kitchen cupboards' contents to try and make our storage more efficient. I ended up moving some things around in our linen closet, too, and finding enough room to store some bulk items in there to create more space in the kitchen. I'm not sure how long it will last, since I feel like I'm continually coming up with ideas that seem more logical or efficient, but we'll see!

What sorts of projects have you done around your house to make it feel more like a home? Do you have any tips for working with what you already have to create a more personalized and relaxing space? I'd love to hear them!