Going for the Goal, Part 4: Daily Doses

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This is the fourth and final post in a new series about setting and working toward your goals in a methodical way that increases your ability to achieve them. (And if you missed other posts in the series, you can catch up here!)

Have you ever gotten off track on your progress toward your goals because you simply forgot what you were working toward? (*raises hand*)

It's so easy to forget what we're intending to change because old habits die hard and thrive in our established routines. If we're not incredibly clear about our goals and diligent in implementing them, we'll fall back into our old habits and routines.

But there has to be a way to stick to our goals, right? There has got to be some way we can remind ourselves what it is that we're working toward on a regular basis.



I've found that the number one key for me personally is to write things down if I really want to remember them, goals included. There's something about the connection between physically writing something down and committing it to my memory in a way that nothing else can.

I actually have memories of writing things down. In college, I took notes like a crazy person, not just because I would go back and read them again later, but because it helped me focus by committing the words I was hearing to paper. 

It's very similar to writing down my goals. When I write them down, I can better recall them later. There are too many thoughts and good intentions running through my head every day. If I don't write them down, they're gone just about as fast as I can say, "what was that?"

But just writing it down on some random scrap of paper to keep from forgetting it isn't enough.



Put your reminder somewhere you can see it frequently. The more you see it, the more you'll be reminded of what you're working toward, and the more motivated you'll be.

Make it the wallpaper for your phone's lock screen. Put a Post-It note on your bathroom or bedroom mirror. Prop it up beneath your computer monitor at work. Write it in big letters on a whiteboard or chalkboard on your wall. 

I don't know what location works best for you-- you can do it however you'd like. But I cannot stress this enough. State your goal clearly. Write it down. Put it somewhere you'll see it on the regular. And begin working to achieve it one small step at a time.



If you really want to commit to your goal in a serious way, tell other people about it. When you say the words out loud and let other people in on your goal, it takes it up several notches. Now other people are aware of what you're working toward. They can encourage you and ask you how you're making progress.

I sometimes shy away from telling other people about my goals because I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't reach them. But then I realize that's just fear talking. And I remember that if I really want the encouragement and support I need to reach my goals, I have to tell other people. I can't do it alone. And I don't have to!


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