Fit Frugal Fun with Friends & Family

Fit Frugal Fun with Friends & Family

When you want to do things with your friends and family, but you’re on a tight budget or looking for something to do that won’t break the bank, your options can seem limited.

So today I’m taking it upon myself to give you some more ideas for how you can stay active (we don’t need another suggestion for a movie night) and still work toward your financial goals.


Whether you want to walk around the block, the local park, or the mall, it can be fun to get in a walk with friends!

Not only are you getting some exercise, but you’re getting to enjoy friends’ company!

And the benefit of a walk is that the exercise isn’t strenuous and you can walk side-by-side so you can actually hold a conversation.

Simply by changing up the location of your walk, you can adapt it to the weather, too. Check out what places your town has to offer for indoor walks, like gyms, community centers, or shopping centers. That way, you can have a backup plan if the weather turns south.

If you live near a place where you could go for a hike, that’s even better exercise!


Some cities offer bikes for rent, which is fabulous! It means you can go for a ride even if you don’t have a bike of your own.

Biking gives you a different perspective of your town that you can’t get in a car, and it allows you to get fresh air in the process!


Whether you go for a dip in a local lake, man-made beach, the ocean, or a pool, going swimming can be a fun activity with friends.

You could play a game like Marco Polo or bring things to dive for (we loved doing that as kids!). Or you could challenge each other to race from one side to the other or throw a football around in the water.


There are so many recreational leagues for various sports around that you could check out if you and your friends or family are so inclined.

My dad plays in a men’s softball league, and it’s so much fun for the whole family to go to the games!

You could join a volleyball team, a soccer team, a tennis club, a running club, a golfing club, or any other sport you can find a group for!

Of course, you can also simply play pickup games whenever you can get friends and family together. We’ve had a lot of fun with spontaneous games of basketball, volleyball, soccer, or softball at the local park.

To spend even more time with your friends and family, learn to meal plan so you have even more time outside the kitchen!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png