Dear Ten-Year-Old Me

This month, I'm going to be writing letters to myself at various stages in my life. Below is the first installment, for my ten-year-old self. Check back next week for the next letter! Dear ten-year-old me,

Oh, how quickly time flies! Enjoy the freedom of your youth. Don't take all of those open nights and weekends for granted, for they will soon be filled with various responsibilities. Don't fret over friends who move or pets who pass away, for there will be even more friends and pets down the road to lessen the blow.

Let go of worry, and live in the moment. Enjoy the present without being so concerned about the future.You are far too young to let your time and energy go to something so useless and consuming as worry and tension. Most of what you worry about won't happen anyway, so don't waste your energy focusing on it.

Don't listen to what others might say or spend your time worrying about what they might think. You are a precious daughter of the Living God, a princess loved by the King of Kings. That matters far more than what anyone else might think or say about you, and His opinion of you will never change because He never changes. Take comfort in that, little one.

Read all the books. Develop a lifelong love of learning from an early age, and it will follow you. Do what you love. Develop passions and talents, and pursue them relentlessly. Draw, write, play. And don't be afraid to share your heart and creative side with others.

Never stop dreaming. Don't let people tell you the things you want aren't realistic or attainable. Don't let that little voice inside your head tell you that dreams are foolish things only for little children, things to be abandoned as we grow older. Dreams ought to grow with us. So dream. Dream big, knowing that your dreams matter and can be attained. And don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise, my dear.

All my love,