Capsule Wardrobes: A Quick Introduction

Capsule Wardrobes: A Quick Introduction

A guest post by Amanda Warfield of Live Organized, Live Simple

How many times have you stood in front of your closet, frustrated, because you had nothing to wear? Yet, you were standing in the middle of a room littered with clothes. On the floor, on the bed, on that one little chair that always seems to attract clothes like a magnet?

You are not alone, sister. Studies done have shown that women will spend an average of one year of their entire life picking out what to wear. That averages out to nearly 16-20 minutes per day of trying on clothes.

Think about all of the things you can do in twenty minutes. I can vacuum my entire house in less than that amount of time! I could read an entire chapter (or two) of a book! Heck, I could have twenty minutes of conversation with my husband. The list of things I could do to better spend that twenty minutes is endless.

Because you’re here, I know that you want to also live a life doing more of what you love, and less of what you don’t (like picking out what to wear!) In this blog post, I’m explaining how you can cultivate a closet that will allow you to stop wasting those twenty minutes each morning. (Shout out to Jessie for so graciously sharing her platform with me to do so!)


The Solution? A Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe has solved this problem for me. Instead of twenty minutes deciding what to wear, I spend about 2 minutes a day picking out my outfit. Oh, and two minutes is on a rough morning. Thanks to my capsule wardrobe, I can reach into my closet, grab any top and any bottom, and know that I’m good to go.

How? Well, a capsule wardrobe is a cohesive closet that only has 30-50 items inside of it. I’ve carefully cultivated my wardrobe so that it only has items that go well together, and that I know make me feel confident.

I no longer try something on, only to decide that it makes me feel uncomfortable. I also don’t have to waste any time deciding if two pieces go well together. I did all of the work up front, and now, I can spend each morning doing something other than deciding what to wear.

(I’ve put together a bonus resource at the end of this post that will help you take the first step towards a closet that makes getting ready a snap!)

(I’ve put together a bonus resource at the end of this post that will help you take the first step towards a closet that makes getting ready a snap!)

How to Get Started

You want this for yourself, right? You want to simplify your closet and stop wasting time. Well, the very first step you need to take is to do a thorough declutter of the clothes you already own. And I mean all of them.

Set aside most of a day to do this. In fact, stop reading, grab your planner, and put this on your calendar right now. Try on everything. No cheating here, okay? Because if you do, you’re only cheating yourself. Try it all on, and be critical and honest with yourself.

Do you love it? Does it make you feel amazing and confident?  Do you actually wear it on a regular basis? If so, keep it. If not, say goodbye. Go through each item, trying them on, and making a decision. By the end of this, you’ll have three piles: keep, trash, and donate. AND, because you only kept things you absolutely loved, you’ll have a closet full of clothes that make you feel confident.

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That’s it. It’s a very simple first step towards a cultivated capsule wardrobe. I want this for you, friend. Creating a capsule wardrobe has been life changing for me.

However, decision fatigue is real, and this step can be exhausting. I don’t want you to be scared of getting started, or to give up halfway through. So, I made a bonus resource to help combat that.

The closet clean-out helper will help you know what to keep, what to donate, and what to trash. When you start to feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions, you simply try on an item, and follow the flow chart to your answer. No decisions required! I’ve already done all of the decision making for you.

To get started on your capsule wardrobe, and declutter with ease, grab the flow chart by signing up here.


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Amanda is married to Russell, the funniest guy she knows. They are South Carolina natives living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoy traveling, reading, cat snuggles, and all things Disney (okay, maybe that one is just Amanda).

She's a recovering perfectionist turned simplicity lover, and spends a lot of her free time blogging about organization, routines, and capsule wardrobes over at Her mission is to help other overwhelmed women simplify their lives, create routines, and get organized, so that they can find rest.