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We all say we wish we had more time to do a fun or enriching activity, be it learning a musical instrument, learning a language, reading more, painting, taking a class, or exercising... Why don’t many of us follow through on these new, fun and challenging hobbies that help us grow? Because we don’t “have time.” Because we are “busy.” Because we don’t “have the energy” to pursue them after a long day.

We are trapped under the burden of our commitments and the false importance we put on things that don’t matter to us.

We’ve bought into the cult of busy – and place more value on that than we do growth. - Steve Kamb, emphasis mine

What have you been saying you don't have enough time to do? What hobbies and new things have you been wishing you magically somehow had more time to devote to? I hate to break it to you, but life probably isn't going to slow down. We're always going to be busy with something. It's truly a matter of recognizing what's important to you and organizing your time accordingly.

Time is a resource, just like many other things we have at our disposal. We are taught to carefully manage money, conserve energy and water, and take care of the world around us, as these are very precious resources. But how often do we consider the most precious resource of all-- our time?

We all have the same amount of time to spend every day-- it's only a matter of how we use it. If we find ourselves saying we don't have enough time, maybe the problem really comes down to us trying to cram too many things into our lives.

If you were to keep track of how you spend your time currently, you might be surprised. You may just find that you spend far more time than you thought mindlessly surfing the Internet, checking social media, or watching television. You might learn that there are shortcuts you could take or regular tasks you can delegate to others or automate to simplify the process. There might even be entire tasks you can eliminate or engage in less often. For instance, you can ask a family member to help with the dishes or dinner prep. Maybe you don't really need to mop every week. Or perhaps it would be a good idea for you to set your clothes out the night before so you don't waste so much time blankly staring at your closet in the morning, trying to piece a presentable outfit together.

We spend so much time doing things out of habit or obligation, but if we were to examine and change these behaviors, we would likely find that we have more time than we realize. And we have the power and ability to decide how we are going to spend it. We're going to spend it on something, so why not choose fulfilling things? Let's be intentional about how we use the time we're given, taking opportunities to pursue our passions and engage in the world around us instead of filling up on screen time and mass media consumption.