Book Launch Team

Hello, there!
I'd like to invite you to be on the launch for my new book: Ready, Set...Now What?
Please do not feel obligated to participate if you are not interested or not able to devote time and energy to one more thing in the midst of your busy life. I know how that goes and completely understand! I would love to have you take part, but only if your heart's in it.

More about the book:

It's about finding purpose as a young adult, and it covers the topics of identity, value, fear, doubt, making decisions, comparison, and living and working with purpose.
It's a combination of my own personal experience after graduating college and the advice I would like to share with anyone else going through the same thing. Because it begins with my story, it is influenced by my Christian faith.

I'm looking for a group of people who can do the following:

-read the book
-use whatever social media accounts they prefer to draw attention to and promote the book (I'll give you suggestions and examples of what to post if you'd like to use them)
-think of other people who might benefit from the message or appreciate it and recommend the book to them, spreading the word in your circles
-review the book on Amazon (and Goodreads if you're familiar with it)

Why you might want to help:

-because you love me
-because you believe in my message
-because you love promoting things you believe in on social media
-because you like joining groups and feeling like part of a team doing things
Because I'm looking for people who have the time and energy to help me out, I'm going to ask that you let me know if you're interested as a sort of application to be part of the team. Please let me know if you'd like to join, what's motivating you to join, and confirm that you have the time to devote to reading and promoting the book. If you do, then I'll add you to the private Facebook group for the launch team. There I'll share more information and weekly goals for the promotion of my book.
Thanks! Jessie