A Prayer of Thanksgiving


In the midst of the busyness of basting the turkey, cleaning the house, finding all the leaves for the table, and trying to keep everyone happy all at once, it's hard to remember that today is supposed to be a celebration of gratitude and plenty.

I know I need to be reminded to exercise gratitude more often, and what better day than Thanksgiving to set aside some time to do just that?

This prayer is one that comes in the middle of the stress and busyness, from a heart desiring rest and restoration, not one that has this whole "attitude of gratitude" thing down pat, but is striving to adopt a more regular habit of expressing thankfulness. My hope is that it offers you some space to consider all that you have to be grateful for and maybe some words to get you started.


A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord God, I thank You for this moment to pause and count my blessings.

I thank You for giving me so many blessings to count, although I take many of them for granted.

I am grateful for my health, for making it safely and soundly through another year, even if it was stressful at times.

I thank You for the wonderful people You have surrounded me with, and for using even the most challenging interactions and relationships to stretch me and teach me.

I am grateful for the wonderful memories this last year has brought, and thankful for the hard times that taught me valuable lessons.

I am glad that I am free to make mistakes and learn from them, that I have been given the gift of grace.

I praise You for Your consistency in a world that is anything but constant.

I thank You for those who have poured into me and taught me over the years, for they have helped shape and guide me to the person I am today.

I am grateful for the opportunities and challenges You have placed along my path, for they have taught me to look to You and rely on Your strength, and they have grown me in ways I would never have otherwise experienced.

I am thankful for the most basic of necessities that sustain my life: clean water, regular meals, a roof over my head, and clothes on my back.

I thank You for providing me with such a wonderful community and support system, in which I see more and more of Your character every day.

I am glad I have a reliable job providing for my practical needs in the present, no matter my dreams for the future.

I am thankful for the opportunity to dream for the future.

I am grateful for my unchanging identity in You, as Your beloved, providing me with the certainty that I am forever accepted and loved, no matter what.

I thank You for new mercies every morning, and for Your reminders in the sunrise and sunset that signify a new day, a new opportunity, a fresh start.


Today, and every day going forward, may we all be just a little more grateful for all we've been given.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Jessica PierceComment