7 Ways Productivity Can Make You More Money

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7 Ways Productivity Can Make You More Money

 We all want to be more productive. We all are lured into thinking that the more we can get done, the better. We go, go, go hoping to get just one more thing done before we go to sleep. But why?

Productivity for productivity's sake is useless. Doing more just so that we can say we did more doesn't mean anything at the end of the day.

We have to have a reason for why we're doing all the things we're doing. We have to have an end goal, like creating a more profitable business so we can work fewer hours for the same amount of pay, giving us more time to spend with our families. Or being able to help more people because we're spending less time doing the nitty-gritty stuff and more time actually engaging and serving.

Earning more and more money isn't the end goal; it's an important step, though, in creating a business and lifestyle that allow us to cut back our hours, turn our side hustles into main gigs, support ourselves and our families, and create the kind of lives we crave.

If we're focusing on being productive in the right ways, we can actually increase our earning potential in several ways.



When you strive to work in a productive, less-distracted manner, you get better quality work done because you're focused.

When you focus on only the task at hand, you do a better job on it than you would if your attention was divided among three things at once.

Consider for example what would happen if you were trying to write a blog post while also  talking on the phone with a friend.

Your blog post would take longer to write, and you would likely not write as well as you otherwise could.

Your friend wouldn't get as much of your attention as she deserves because you're trying to write a blog post while talking to her, and you would miss pieces of the conversation because you were trying to write while she was talking, making you a poor listener.

People aren't good at truly multitasking, at least when it comes to activities that require active attention. By sticking to just one attention-seeking task at a time, you can do a better job on it, which will then open doors for greater financial gain because the work you do will be of a higher quality.



When you time block so you're more focused, you're able to get more work done. 

If you work in a scattered way, trying to complete part of a blog post here, part of an email there, and part of a video in between, you're dividing your efforts and actually accomplishing less at the end of the day.

Instead, when you time block, or set aside portions of your time for specific tasks, you can accomplish more.

This is because you're allocating that time for just the one specific activity, limiting distractions and interruptions, and prioritizing that one activity until the time is up or the activity is finished.

Instead of getting your blog post, email, and video all partially done, you could get the blog post completely finished, and them move onto the email, and then move onto the video. That way, you would get more work done. And when you get more work done, you make your work more profitable!



When you focus more to make things of greater quality and get more done, you're being more organized and efficient.

You're using your time more wisely by time blocking and focusing on one thing at a time so you can give it the attention it deserves and create something of greater quality than you could if you divided your efforts or tried to multitask.

And by working more efficiently, you can get more done in less time, which gives you more time to invest in what really matters to you! Additionally, getting more done in less time gives you greater bang for your buck, as it's a greater return on your time investment.



When you work with greater productivity in mind, you can leverage content you're already creating to reach more people and get more clients.

If you track what you're creating, repurpose content, and post your content in multiple places, you don't have to be creating brand-new content all the time! Instead, you can make each piece of content work harder and reach a wider audience in less time and with less work in the long run by maximizing what you're already creating!

To do just that-- you track what you're creating, repurpose content, and post your content in multiple places, and reach a wider audience in less time and with less work in the long run by maximizing what you're already creating-- I recommend my content tracker tool (it's free!).



One of the big hindrances to productivity is doing the same work all the time.

If there are activities and tasks you find yourself doing every day or every week (and the nature of running a business means there are), you can create templates and shortcuts!

You can have a list of things you type frequently in a note on your computer, where you can easily copy and paste from so you don't have to type it all out every time.

You can have key phrases and words to talk about your business instead of coming up with entirely new content each time (people want you to be consistent in your language and branding anyway, so this is a positive!).

You can even create a pattern for your social media posts, where you rotate through topics you cover, themes for your images, prompts for each day of the week, or a certain ratio of one type of post to another (like images to quotes, for instance). Doing so isn't robotic or dry; it creates an intentional aesthetic and unifies your content in a way haphazard posting rarely can.



While making more money is key when running a business, you're going to attract more clients when you have the right focus, and that comes only when you prioritize people over profit (deliver value before selling).

People aren't drawn to companies or individuals who are only out to make as much money as they can. Your business will thrive when you make serving your clients and building relationships your main goal, knowing that you have products and services of value to offer, but that the relationships come first.

You can't make money without clients, but you can't get clients without treating people like people. So put relationships before revenue and people before profits.



And last but not least, you can generate passive income through evergreen content!

This is my favorite way to leverage productivity because it's a smart way to work. If you create products or services that can run in the background for you and make money without having you actively working (trading hours for dollars), then you have streams of passive income allowing you to focus your time on other things (business or otherwise)!

Examples of timeless or evergreen content include:

  • an online course

  • a paid webinar replay

  • an ebook

  • a workbook

  • an audio or video training series


What do you think? Are you ready to let productivity do its work and open up more doors for you and your business? Let's talk about how to leverage productivity for your business and create the life you're dreaming of, friend!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png