6 Secrets to Have a More Productive Morning

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6 Secrets to Have a More Productive Morning


What does it take to have a productive morning? Does it look the same for everyone?

The short answer is no, it doesn't look the same for everyone.

But there are several elements that can help ALL of us have more productive mornings, which lead to more productive days!



It sounds boring and downright awful if you're used to "catching up on sleep" on the weekends. But getting up at (or around, as in within an hour or so) the same time every day of the week helps establish your body's natural rhythm. It makes it easier to get up when your alarm goes off because you're more used to it and don't fight it so much.

I encourage you to try it for a couple weeks. If possible, get up at the exact same time each day, setting just one alarm for all seven days of the week.

If necessary due to an extremely early workday alarm (I know people who get up at 4), try to set your weekend alarm only an hour or so behind your weekday alarm so it's as close as you can comfortably get.

See what it's like when you don't spend your weekend mornings holed up in bed, wasting away time you could be spending with your loved ones, getting things done around the house, or going to the farmers market before it gets too busy.



Don't scroll through social media first thing. Or second thing.

Set some boundaries for yourself.

If you start scrolling through your feed the second your alarm goes off, you might not even make it out of bed before you get sucked down the social media black hole. Not to mention the negative effect social media comparison can have on your mood for the rest of the day.

Start your day off right with things that energize you, not things that drain you. Refrain from checking your social media notifications and feeds until you've been nourished in ways that matter to you (more on that in a minute), and you'll be better prepared to handle the good and bad things social media has to offer later on.



We've all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Many people argue that they don't have time for breakfast, but what they're really saying is they aren't making time for it.

Breakfast doesn't have to take half an hour out of your morning. You could batch-cook some muffins on the weekend or make a bunch of smoothies or oatmeal in quick grab-and-go containers to take with you to work. You could even grab a banana and a granola bar in a pinch.

Maybe you like to start your day with a warm cup of coffee or tea. You can incorporate that here, too! It's all about taking time to notice and honor what your body needs for its nourishment, and that goes beyond just food.



What kind of mindset work do you need to engage in before getting to work for the day?

This could look like meditation, prayer, affirmations, examining limiting beliefs, journaling, or other types of mindset work.

Engaging in mindset work in the morning helps you better prepare for what's ahead and ensure that you're in the best possible frame of mind to handle whatever comes your way throughout the day.

The way you engage in mindset work will depend on what works best for you! You could try simple mindfulness training with an app like Headspace. You could try repeating positive affirmations to yourself. You could journal your thoughts and feelings and address any unhelpful ones with truth. You could read your Bible and pray. Try some methods out and see what works for you!



It's not only important to get your mind going, but it's important to get your body moving, too!

Finding a way to engage in physical movement gives you energy, and you need energy when you're starting your day! It also gets your mind going further, which will help you as you make more decisions and solve problems as the day progresses.

You have the freedom here to decide what kind of movement is best for you.

You could simply engage in some stretching to gain flexibility, prevent stiffness, and alleviate any soreness. You could go for a run to really get your blood pumping. You could lift weights, go for a bike ride, swim, do pilates, go for a walk, or engage in some other kind of workout outside or at a gym. 

You get to decide what works best for you, your schedule, and your body. There are so many different kinds of movement out there, and you get to find what works for you best!



Before you jump into your day, you need to have some sort of a plan for it.

What's going on today? What do you need to accomplish? What are your top goals?

I'm an advocate for just three top things each day. It's the most manageable way to create a daily to-do list. When you have only three things to focus on getting done, they get done. And then you can add more things if you need to.

You can plan your family's activities, your meals, your travel time to different activities, your breaks, and your self-care time. Plan whatever your day holds, including buffer time in between.

When you have a plan, even a loose one, for your day, you're better equipped to begin your day because you know where you're going.



That's it! Those are the best ways to have a more productive morning! Do you have a favorite tip? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

And for those of you looking for even MORE ways to be productive, efficient, and organized (and to save time!), I have one more tip-- use planners like my Organize It All! Planner Pages! You'll save so much time and energy because everything will be in one place, organized for you!


Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png