5 Tips to Step Out in Boldness in Your Business

5 Tips to Step Out in Boldness in Your Business


Starting and running a business can feel scary. There are other people doing what you’re doing already, or at least something close to what you’re doing.

How can you have the confidence and courage to stand out and be bold in your business?

Let these five tips help you take bold action in your business so you can not only be confident in what you do, but also stand out and start attracting the right people to your business!


You can’t serve everyone. I’m sorry if nobody has told you that before, but it’s true. If you try to serve everyone, you’re really serving no one.

Nobody needs more generalized advice or tips; they want tools, information, and resources that are specific to them and their needs.

To best serve your audience, you have to know them and speak directly to them, not to everyone else.

That means disregarding the comments from people who aren’t part of your target audience.

It means not speaking to your peers and others in your field or worrying about what they’re doing, but focusing on speaking to your ideal clients and those you can best serve.

To narrow your niche and better understand your ideal client, check out my free Ideal Client Roadmap!


Who are you? I mean really. You can’t be all things to all people, so who are you at your core?

What are you about?

What do you want to be known for?

If you had to specialize in just one specific thing, what would it be?

What are you absolutely fabulous at?

Who are you most jazzed to work with?

Who are you best equipped to serve?

I don’t work with absolutely everybody, though I care about everybody. Although I care about fitness and nutrition, that’s not my jam. I don’t want to talk about that till I’m blue in the face.

But I am passionate about productivity, simplicity, more minimal living, time management, living and working intentionally, leaning into what brings you joy, and living with freedom.

I connect better with women than men, and I generally connect better with people close to my age than people significantly younger or older than me, so my target audience is women who are close to my age, who speak my language (literally and figuratively), who share my worldview, and who are busy dreamers, trying to juggle the daily tasks of life and work while dreaming about doing more.

Know who you are. Know what you do. Know who you serve. It makes all the difference!

If you need more clarity on those things, let’s chat about them! I can help you find that clarity, purpose, and direction!


Know the value of what you have to offer, and don’t be afraid to talk about it!

If you don’t talk about what you can do for others, you’re not going to be able to serve your audience. If they don’t know the kind of transformation you can provide, how can they take you up on it?

Not only will that harm your business financially, but more importantly, it will inhibit your ability to fully serve the people you’re called to serve.

Your people need you to talk confidently about what you have to offer. That’s how they’ll hear about it and be interested in it! That’s what gets the whole process going!

So do things you’re excited to talk about, and then talk about them! Tell people in person when they ask what you’ve been doing lately. Include it in your social media. Talk about it in Facebook groups. Mention it on videos and podcasts. Get the word out and let your people know what you have to offer!


This principle is twofold.

Go first with your story. Share boldly so that others can get to know the heart behind your business. It builds trust and connection like nothing else can! It also helps your audience members feel like they, too, can share their stories, and it helps them imagine how they can experience the same sort of transformation that you have.

Go first in reaching out. Say hi. Ask a question. Answer someone else’s question. Offer a resource. Extend an invitation to keep talking. Ask someone to collaborate.

Somebody has to go first; it might as well be you!

You can set an example and get the wheels turning for amazing collaborations and opportunities simply by boldly stepping out and extending the invitation or asking the question. That’s really all it takes. And if someone isn’t interested, you aren’t any worse off, but at least you know they’re not the right fit, and you can move on!


Everything that’s ever been accomplished in the world has taken some risk. We can’t reach our goals without trying new things, putting ourselves out there, and being willing to make mistakes.

Whether it’s trying a new platform, new tool, new approach, new niche, new focus, new program, new offer, or something else, so much of running your own business is trying new things!

Yes, you might realize it’s not the best fit for you, your audience, or your business, but you’ll learn from those experiences, too!

I tried answering questions on Quora to build a network and find people in my target audience, but it felt haphazard and disconnected, so I stopped. But I learned more about my ideal clients and how to engage with them, and I was able to carry that over to other platforms!

So it pays off to be willing to try new things and take measured risks. There is no truly safe path, as the one that looks the safest will probably fade away because it’s not producing anything new, staying relevant, and engaging with its audience in the best ways.

I encourage you to consider what risks you might benefit from taking, and share them in the comments! And if you have a story about a time when you risked something and learned from it or grew because of it, tell us about that, too!

That’s it! Narrow your niche, know who you are, be confident, be willing to go first, and be willing to take some risks! Now go forward and be bold in your business, dreamer!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png