5 Best Online Subscriptions for You in 2019!


5 Best Online Subscriptions for You in 2019!

Subscriptions have been having their moment lately, and for good reason!

It’s so fun to get exciting things in the mail instead of just bills and junk mail.

And it’s really convenient to have things shipped to you instead of having to take the time (and sometimes arrange for childcare, fill up with gas, or go really far out of your way) to go to the store to get what you need.

I love saving time and money (that’s part of my mission as a Simplicity Strategist, helping busy women like you overcome the overwhelm so you can do more of what you love and less of what you don’t).

But I haven’t bought into all the subscription services because they’re not all created equal.

I’ve evaluated some of the most popular ones as well as some lesser-known ones to help you choose what will work best for you to make your life easier!


Oh, how I love Amazon! You can get just about anything you could ever imagine getting, and it ships to you pretty quickly, provided that it’s being fulfilled by Amazon and not a third party.

You can also get Prime shipping, and Prime Pantry allows you to shop tons of food products, which is essentially like grocery shopping from your computer. Who wouldn’t love that?

You can also “subscribe” to a wide variety of household and personal care products like tissues, toilet paper, and allergy meds, choosing a frequency for delivery for each item (not just the whole delivery, which is super helpful!), and you can revise the frequency whenever you need to.

What’s really nice is that you actually save money by adding items to your subscription plan. I know this is because you’re essentially securing a recurring purchase with Amazon, but with things that you regularly buy anyway, you’d be spending the money somewhere. And you can save around 5-15% (depending on the item and the current offers) by scheduling a recurring delivery instead of just buying things when you need them.

So not only do you save mental energy required to remember what you’re out of, reminding yourself to order it, and trying to not actually run out, but you save money, too!

Things you can subscribe to through Amazon include allergy medicine, paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and vitamins. They also have subscription boxes for things like tea, jerky, snacks, and more!


Grove Collaborative is my favorite place to shop for more natural options for anything and everything for myself and my home.

I love their customer service and the reminders I get before each shipment is sent in case I want to make any adjustments.

It’s incredibly easy to change the frequency for each item’s delivery, remove them from your subscriptions, or push them to your next shipment— all of which make it easy to customize what you get and how often to suit your specific needs and schedule.

The items are often paraben- and phthalate-free, cruelty free, BPA free, and organic. The company values these kinds of qualities, so many of the brands it features comply with them, and each product listing page notes which core values the product complies with. This makes it really easy to buy products that align with your values! Of course, you can look into these kinds of things yourself, but I trust Grove’s vetting process and selection of brands more than marketplaces that are more open and require consumers to use more of their own research and judgement skills.

Some of my favorite things to subscribe to from Grove Collaborative are dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner, kitchen sponges, razor blade refills, and toothpaste. They feature brands like Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Acure, Alba Botanica, Method, and their own Grove brand.

If you want to get started with Grove, as a new customer, you can get a free five-piece gift set!


Ever made a last-minute panicked trip to the closest store to buy desperately needed feminine products? Or maybe you’ve sent someone else to get them for you and made them uncomfortable? Or been embarrassed when you get to the checkout lane and the male clerk started blushing at your purchases?

Enter Cora, the answer I’ve found to avoiding all of those issues. You simply choose how often you want your shipment, what you want included, and you’re set! You don’t have to give it another thought. You can change your selection if you need to, and you get some extras to share with others in discreet little tubes. You also get a trendy-looking black case to keep in your bathroom and a carrying case to put in your bag. It makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough for the next time you need them!

You can get started with your first order of Cora products here, with a 15% off coupon code so you can try it out! Use the code referral4398 at checkout.

Oh, and another great thing about Cora? Your purchase of products for yourself (or perhaps a young girl in your life who’s embarrassed about starting to need these things?) also provides much-needed feminine care products for a woman in a developing country— so you’re helping care for others, too!

And the products are 100% organic cotton, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re using in such an intimate way. It just keeps getting better!


I’m falling in love with this website that offers a wide variety of products at much lower costs because they aren’t name-brand. Everything is far more affordable because they’ve cut out the middle man, and they offer subscriptions for some of their products so you can schedule them to arrive whenever you need!

You can get things like night cream, gummy multivitamins, almonds, peanut butter, and essential oils.

Check out the variety of products they carry, shop by your values (non-GMO, organic, cruelty-free, etc), and see how much you can save!


I had completely forgotten about this site, to be honest. I’d bookmarked it because (I think) they hadn’t branched out to cover my area yet, so I hadn’t been able to order from them yet. But it looks like they’re growing to reach more people, which is exciting!

Their mission is to provide fresh, whole food to people by delivering it right to their doors, and I’m in full support of that!

You can select the type of box you want (fruit, veggies, mix), the size, and the frequency of the shipment, so it’s fully customizable.

It can be challenging to eat healthfully, especially in terms of produce. I get hesitant about ordering produce through normal subscription services because I’m not sure whether I can trust people to pick out appropriately ripe and ready produce. But ordering from a place that focuses on doing just that eliminates that obstacle!

Learn more about how the whole process works and order your first box of delicious goodies here.


I tried Graze years ago, and I loved it! They help you eat healthier snacks, which can be hard with all the not-so-healthy alternatives out there. The snacks are also portion-controlled, which is especially helpful in our culture of oversized portions.

You can select the things you like, try some new things they’re continually adding, and enjoy a variety of delicious, healthy snacks delivered right to you!

Get started here.


There are SO many other subscription services, so how did I choose which ones to include and which ones to leave out?

The short answer is that I left out ones that I haven’t tried or been interested in trying myself.

I don’t want to name names because maybe they would work for you, and I want you to be able to make that choice for yourself. Different services work for different people! But I’ll give you a little inside scoop about how I think through which services to use for myself.

I don’t want to subscribe to a service that’s just fun but will fill my life and my home with products I won’t use or will resent welcoming in.

Many subscriptions come in the form of curated boxes full of exciting things, but these things aren’t often what I would have picked out myself, and they’re typically full of things I don’t actually need— like more clothes, coffee cups, scarves, candles, pens, or journals.

Maybe these would be fun for you! I know people who have loved them because they’ve gotten to try out a ton of products from brands that are normally out of their price range, and they’ve discovered some new favorites through them. But I have brands that I love already, and the amount of items in these kinds of boxes that I wouldn’t get enough use out of makes the purchase of the subscription not worth it for me.

To evaluate a subscription yourself, consider the following questions:

  • what is the value of the content of the subscription? are you paying a premium price for the convenience?

  • would you buy these products on their own?

  • can you cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied or want to try something else?

  • will this subscription fill your home with things you won’t get enough use out of?

  • can you change the frequency of deliveries to suit your needs?

What subscriptions are your favorites? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments or via email at jessie@notesfromjessie.com!

Later, lovely!Jessie (2).png