3 Things

Today, I'm going to do three things. Okay, okay, I'm probably going to do a whole lot more than just three things today. But I'm going to intentionally do three specific things at some point in the midst of the dozens of other things I accomplish.

  1. Something that makes me happy, just because it brings me joy. Regardless of how "practical" or "responsible" it may or may not be, I will incorporate something that makes me smile, reminds me that life is good, causes me to give thanks, and allows me to pause for a moment to truly enjoy life. For me, it might mean setting aside time to curl up with a book, creating (and devouring) a delectable dessert, going for a run on a beautiful day, or painting my nails a pretty, fresh shade of pink.
  2. Something that benefits someone else. Whether it looks like being a listening ear for a friend who needs to vent, picking up groceries for a family member, helping a coworker tackle a mountain of work, or donating to a worthy cause, I want to know that I am making a difference in small, everyday ways. It's all too easy for me to make it through a day or even a week without taking much time to consider how I could lessen the burdens of those around me, and I want to change that. I am where I am for a reason, to engage in relationships with those around me. And a big part of engaging in those relationships requires moving out of my self-centeredness long enough to see and try to alleviate the needs of others in any way I can.
  3. Something that my future self will be grateful for. In working toward becoming the person I want to be, I plan to do something that moves me one step closer to my goals. That might mean setting aside more money in my emergency fund, reorganizing my closet, cleaning out unwanted possessions, or choosing to curb my unhealthy snacking tendencies in the name of developing healthier habits in the long-term.

In spite of the things I have to get done, these three things are taking priority as they are necessary for my mental health. Doing something that will make me happy will keep me from moving through life focusing only on the negative, difficult things that need solving. Helping someone else pushes me out of my own little world, even if only for a moment, reminding me that the world doesn't revolve around me. And doing something that will benefit me long-term and that I'll be grateful for later just might teach me to work harder for long-term goals and not give in so easily to the well-worn, easy path through life that thrives on instant gratification, laziness, and self-indulgence.

What three things will you do today?