How to Live a Great Life

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It would be a travesty to have a life about collecting pretty things — instead of recollecting that we were made for greater things...You were meant for greatness — and greatness is about serving greatly. - Ann Voskamp

We were made for great things! There is more in store for us than merely surviving, plowing through our work weeks to get to the weekend, prepping our meals, paying the bills, and going through the motions.

We can do more. More importantly, we can be more.

I think that most of us living in the West would agree that our lives, as a whole, are pretty good. We have been abundantly blessed, and we are privileged to have everything that has been given to us. But are our lives great?

What even makes them great, anyway?

Is it accumulating more stuff than our neighbors? Or getting the biggest houses and newest cars? Or climbing the corporate ladder and making six figures?

I have none of that stuff, and I would like to think that my life can be great without them.

In fact, I believe that all of our lives can be great without those things! 

There's nothing wrong with material things or accomplishments, of course, but they're not the be-all, end-all of our lives.

We need something more to sustain us. All of our wealth and possessions can be lost as easily as they were gained. They're all empty in the end. So what are we really living for?



We were all created for a purpose. We're not accidents. There's a reason each and every one of us is here, on this earth, and in our specific circumstances.

Mine is to encourage women to live joyfully, simply, and intentionally. That's not tied to any material gain or status. It's what drives me. It's what helps me stay focused on what really matters, keeping my eyes on the bigger picture.

It's what reminds me to serve.

We're all here to serve in some way. We've all been given different sets of skills and talents, and the purpose we're here to fulfill is to use those gifts and talents to serve others and give glory to God in doing so. That's what makes our lives great!

So people who use their carpentry talents to build houses can have great lives.

People using teaching talents to manage classrooms full of impressionable young minds can have great lives.

People with nurturing talents who are humbly serving their own families and raising up the next generation can have great lives.

It's not about what it looks like from the outside, but what's going on on the inside.



So the challenge is to discover what it is we're gifted in and to find a way to use our gifts to meet the needs of others as our gift back to God.

Our lives are made great when they're lived for His glory.

We don't have to compete with the people around us for status and worth. We're already loved beyond all measure, and we have nothing to prove. But because of the great love God has for us, we're called to live a life of obedience to Him and service to others.

Isn't it amazing that we're all created with different combinations of talents? How wonderfully God worked together all the pieces of His body so that we can complement each other. And when we work together to glorify Him and love one another, that's when our lives are truly the greatest. That's when we're doing what we were created for. That's the best there is!


So what were you created for? What skills do you have? How can you use them to serve others and live a great life?

Are you unsure? No problem! I'd love to hear from you! I have some coaching packages created for that very purpose! You can book a call to chat with me to see if we'd be a good fit for each other.

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